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Why do a Coding Bootcamp?

Why do a Coding Bootcamp?

They like the quality of their training, the learning efficiency and their short format: Coding Bootcamps are more and more numerous in France and around the world. Dozens of languages   and learning methods are available. It can be difficult to find the best bootcamp coding , the one that suits us. But before integrating a bootcamp coding, it is important to ask the question: why do a bootcamp coding? What are your goals ? What are the advantages of bootcamp coding? We tell you all the answers here.

One skill, several objectives
Objective 1: Become a web developer

The majority of people you meet in a bootcamp coding often aim to become a web developer. We meet all types of profiles in a bootcamp coding, but many choose this school format to retrain and acquire technical skills very quickly.

At the end of their training, some of them decide to get started as a web developer in startups because they like the challenges offered in these companies. On the other hand, other junior developers choose to work freelance. It is a good way for them to continue to progress by diversifying their missions with different clients.

Collectives of freelancers who help each other to work on larger projects and which allow them to establish their credibility. The choice of the chosen language remains very important when you want to become a developer. Some languages   like Javascript are very popular with recruiters!

Objective 2: Develop your startup
Joining a web development bootcamp is a great solution if you are an entrepreneur and want to develop your business on your own. Coding Bootcamps can allow you to create your first website and / or mobile application. This is called an MVP, the Minimum Viable Product , which is difficult to build when you do not have the necessary skills.

Training in code also allows these entrepreneurs to manage their budget. They invest once in their training, and can then manage their platform from A to Z, from the interface to data management.

They no longer need to go through external service providers or agencies to implement a feature. Which is also a time saver!

Objective 3: Gain skills to work in a startup
You will also be able to meet non-tech profiles who participate in bootcamps in order to gain technical skills. These are often profiles who wish to communicate better with the technical teams or to gain skills in order to obtain a position with more responsibility. It allows different poles to better understand each other and therefore to gain in efficiency and productivity every day.

The advantages of bootcamp coding
A short duration

The principle of a bootcamp coding is to train students in web development in just a few weeks. They usually last 2 to 3 months. These are intensive formats that allow the future of a developer to get started very quickly in their professional project.

Group motivation
The number of participants may vary from one bootcamp coding to another. It’s up to you to see if you feel more comfortable in large or smaller structures. What is important in this type of format is group stimulation. A strong cohesion is created within each session and strong bonds can be created between the students. They boost their motivation among themselves.

The alumni network
Like business schools, Coding Bootcamps also generate a large network of alumni. Which is a great strength for the students in training. This facilitates their integration into professional life because some alumni will be able to offer them internships or even put them in touch with other people in their networks if they are looking for a job or if they wish to develop new skills.

Focus on the essentials of the programs!
Although fast, these intensive web development training courses do not forget the essential: the content of their program which is focused on the real needs of the market. They are generally well established and offer innovative learning methods. The 10 or 13 weeks of training are no longer a problem but an advantage to stand out from the competition and create new forms of learning. Here too, it is important to choose the Coding Bootcamp that suits you according to the method that suits you best.

In short, the bootcamp coding format is an excellent solution for people who want to retrain in web development or acquire skills quickly. It’s up to you to make your choice according to your own criteria: price, language, working method, alumni network …

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