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Why Choose Compatible Ink Cartridges?

Why Choose Compatible Ink Cartridges?

For printing on paper, both individuals and businesses use printers with built-in ink cartridges. These are in fact small reservoirs which contain inks of different colors intended for printing. Thus, to have satisfactory results during printing, it is recommended to opt for compatible ink cartridges that respect the environment. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily easy to choose compatible ink cartridges when we have used cartridges sold with the printer for a long time.

The advantages of compatible ink cartridges

A so-called compatible cartridge is an ink cartridge manufactured by companies which are not specialized in the manufacture of printers; these are third-party companies, but they make sure that they make cartridges that are likely to be perfect for printers. Indeed, attention is focused more on the term “compatible”, which refers to the terms “recycle, manufacturer  “or ”  generic  “. This is why this type of printer ink is recommended for printing on paper, for purely ecological purposes.

In terms of costs

Apart from the ecological aspect for which it is recommended to opt for compatible ink cartridges, it is essential to also take into account their price. Compatible ink cartridges cost on average 30-60% less than original cartridges, which is very beneficial in reducing the budget for printing on paper, not to mention that compatible ink cartridges perform as well as the original cartridges. This allows you to maintain the same quality in your prints.

No downside to printer warranty

Nowadays, many users of paper printers use compatible ink cartridges. The reason is simple: recycled ink cartridges do not affect the warranty that the printer had at the time of purchase.

As long as the selected compatible ink cartridge works as it should with your machine, you normally preserve any rights or warranties made to you with the purchase of the machine.

How to install compatible ink cartridge chips?

The new generation of printers uses specific ink cartridges that have electronic chips, which can make it difficult to use compatible ink cartridges.

However, the process for installing compatible ink cartridge chips is fairly straightforward. In general, you will need compatible ink cartridges with the caps removed so that you can integrate the chips from the original ink cartridges.

To find the chips that are missing, you just need to extract an original ink cartridge from your printer and remove the chip, using a knife for example. You will then need to stick the chip on a compatible ink cartridge of the same color as the original cartridge.

Once the chips are well put on, you just have to put the caps back on and resume your impressions.

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