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Video Conferencing Technology in Todays World

Video Conferencing Technology in Todays World

Video Conferencing Technology in Todays World

There was a time talking on the phone was the fastest way to communicate with internal and external customers. This has changed thanks to video conferencing technology because you don’t only get voice but visual as well.

During the early days, picture and audio quality was not very good. With the latest improvements in technology, these barriers have been overcome and more people are already using it.

The biggest benefit of video conferencing is that it reduces the cost of traveling. No longer do you have to fly off somewhere to have a meeting when you can do all that in the conference room. This can also be used by law enforcement to get the testimony of a witness, to teach students who are enrolled in distance education and a lot more.

Video conferencing technology is not possible unless you have the proper equipment. These include the Codec, the camera, microphone, network connection, stands or charts, terminal adapter and the acoustic echo cancellers. Let’s talk about each of them.

The Codec is one of the most important components because this is what compresses the information sent and received you are able to understand each other.

The camera is what you look into so the other party is able to see you while the microphone is what you speak into so they can hear you through their speakers.

The terminal adapter is needed so you can transmit data into the required format so just like the Codec, you will be able to communicate with the other person.

Lastly, is the echo canceller that is usually hung in the ceiling that is designed to provide clarity and depth to the resonant frequency response of your audio sub system.

Since its inception more than10 years ago, some of these machines are much smaller and more efficient than their predecessors. The price of the equipment has also gone down so you are sure to find something that is very affordable for your budget.

Once the technician from your desired provider installs the system, you can run this machine on your own as it is very user friendly.

But despite the trend, there are those who are concerned about this technology.

For one, since you see the person on the other end and vice versa, some are concerned that no eye contact gives the wrong impression that you are not interested in what the individual on the other end is saying. The same goes for body movement as some people believe it or not, are not comfortable being in front of the camera.

These issues will be overcome in the future as companies who are providing video conferencing technology are coming up with ways to solve it or after the user gets used to talking to someone while in front of the camera.

Video conferencing technology has an impact in business, education, law enforcement, in medicine and other fields. You have probably used it also at home to talk to friends and loved ones because there are software applications that allow you to do the same thing.

Using video conferencing technology does not only save money but it also increases productivity and at the same time builds relationships because it breaks down boundaries caused by distance and time zones. It is truly one of the marvels of the digital age.