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Up Coming Apocalyptic Dates To Watch Out For

Up Coming Apocalyptic Dates To Watch Out For

Up Coming Apocalyptic Dates To Watch Out For

December 21st, 22nd or 23rd 2012 are the possible
dates the world will end according to the ancient
Mayan Calendar.

2012 has been calculated by some to be the first
possible date for the passing of Planet X (Wormwood)
and the end of the world, as mentioned in revelations,
though this is highly debated.

2012 is also the year given by Nostradamus as the
possible end, he only gave 3 possible years 1994 and
1998 so this final one.

2010 is the year according to the Hermetic Order of
Golden Dawn.

In 1143 St Malachy prophesied there would be only 112
more popes. The current Pope Benedict is the 111th.
The final pope will be known as Peter of Rome we will
have to wait and see for this one.

2017 is the year given to the Sword of God Brotherhood
by the Angel Gabriel.

November 13th 2026 is the date according to a 1960
edition of Science magazine, which the planets human
population will reach infinity.

2033 is believed by many to be the 2000th anniversary
of the crucifixion of Christ and a possible date for
his return signalling the end times.

4,500,000,000 AD is the approximate date at which the
sun is due to explode destroying the inner solar
system including earth, possibly the most accurate and
scientific date for the destruction of the planet.

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