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Unicorn Darts

Unicorn Darts

I am sure that the avid darts players in the whole world know the Unicorn Darts, the big name in the darts industry. Well, the Unicorn Darts is in the first place well-known throughout the world as the primary choice of champions and millions of darts players. It boasts its own team which had received titles in the World Championship for 18 times.

The team Unicorn Darts basically boasts the biggest names in the wide world of darts. It holds more major tournaments victories than any of its rivals, considering them as the brand of superstars. It was actually for more than 50 years that the Unicorn Darts team led from the front in darts technology and equipment.

Speaking of darts technology and equipment, it is interesting to know that the success of the Unicorn Darts team was reflected into these materials. It was in 1937 when the first model in a long line of Unicorn darting innovations, the Silver Comet, was introduced as a precision made set of three darts. Since then, the Unicorn Darts have pioneered darts technology worldwide with a succession of further innovations, all crafted to help the regular darters improve their game. With a strong dedication to their business, it’s no wonder that 4.5 million players in the United Kingdom alone are playing in organized Unicorn darts leagues. This number even skyrocketed to 60 million worldwide.

The Product Innovation

The Unicorn Darts became the first company to sell darts classified by actual weight in 1949. It was during this time that Unicorn is the only company confident enough to guarantee weight accuracy to within 0.33% on most of the darts made of tungsten.

Another innovation in Unicorn Darts that is of major significance was the birth of the first commercial tungsten alloy darts in 1972. These products greatly provide the darters the great benefit of thin darts for closer grouping. This Unicorn Darts innovation was then followed with the introduction of the first titanium tungsten Unicorn darts as well as the distinct series of Golden darts in 1987.

After those introductions, the shafts, flights, and accessories have not escaped the Unicorn Darts pioneering zeal. Feather flights were crafted, followed by the first one-piece plastic flight and the modern polyester flight. It was in 1955 that Unicorn Darts launched the first flight with impressions on the wing. In terms of shafts, it was the Slikstik, Unicorn Darts’ patented side loading shaft that topped the list. This model was even deemed as a world beater and was publicly introduced as the world’s first steel shaft with replaceable top in 1977.

The 21st century of Unicorn Dart’s technology arrived in 1955 with the introduction of the QuikSteel, which was a rotating, interchangeable integral steel shaft with retracting and instantly transposable dart point.

Unicorn Darts does not only lead the industry for such mentioned innovations, but the company leads the world in packaging too. The X-series which introduced a brand new concept in darts packaging was launched in 1998. And, 2002 saw the birth of two new Unicorn Darts cases, the Eclipse and Compact.

The Unicorn Darts today still continues to set standards of excellence in the world of darts. It is not only the darts technology that has changed but the game itself has moved forward into a new professional age where the Unicorn Darts has played a pivotal role again.

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