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Types of MP3 players

Types of MP3 players
types of mp3 players

Types of MP3 players

There is a variety of MP3 players because of the differences in the choice of people who buy them. This choice is also based upon factors such as how you plan to use it, the amount of music you want to carry in your Mp3 player and how much are you prepared to pay for the same.

Flash Memory Players
The flash memory MP3 player is the smallest and lightest as compared to the other types of MP3 players. These typically store fewer songs and are the lightest with no moving parts, it is really ideal for casual digital music fans who want to have small amount of music or that morning jog. Another advantage of the flash memory player is that its battery lasts much longer because of its size.

Hard Drive Players
Hard drive players are usually big and heavy than the flash memory players. These offer more storage and those who look out for a player fro their entire music collection, this one is the ideal one. It does include some moving parts and as such there is some skipping when the player moves around. Because of the size, hard drive players often have more in-built features but these usually consume more power. A charged battery normally lasts for 8 to 20 hours.

MP3 CD Players
Those of you who have a passion for old fashioned CD player, there is a new variety of CD players available that could play MP3 and other digital sound files. These players burn the CD R/RW discs to your old CD collection. Usually, an MP3 CD player is cheaper than the flash memory and hard drive memory players. However, the problem involved in these players is that they are much larger in size and may skip when jostled.

MiniDisc MP3 players
If you are the one who would appreciate MiniDisc Technology, then there is an improved new line of technology also known as MiniDisc Walkman digital music players.

Hybrid Players
Mp3 is not only the stand alone technology and now the technology companies have started offering MP3 capability in other consumer products such as personal assistants, DVD players and other accessories.

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