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Things To See And Do In Durham For The Nature Enthusiast

Things To See And Do In Durham For The Nature Enthusiast

Things To See And Do In Durham For The Nature Enthusiast

With an endless list of fascinating things to see and do, it’s not surprising that Durham gets an astounding 5.2 million visitors every year. Most of them come to experience the wealth of nature and science activities that this amazing city offers.

You’d need to spend more than a day to take in everything at The Museum of Life and Science, an innovative, state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor, science-technology centre.

The ‘Explore the Wild’ exhibit at this museum takes you on a fascinating journey down a 750-foot boardwalk where you can see lemurs, red wolves and black bears in a preserved natural setting. There are plenty of opportunities to look closely into this dynamic natural landscape through the many natural observation areas, outdoor microscopes, field cameras and cutting edge technology.

The Museum also houses the largest butterfly house on the East coast, The Magic Wings Butterfly House. This three-storey tall tropical conservatory houses thousands of exotic and rare species of butterflies along with tropical rainforest trees, a flowering meadow and beds of colorful flowers as well as a stream garden.

Also at the Museum is the Bayer CropScience Insectarium, featureing over 25 species of native and exotic insects, insect predators and a vast assortment of mounted specimens from across the world.

The Duke Lemur Center, a research and study center is home to the 260 lemurs, the largest population of these pro-simians outside of their native Madagascar. You need to make an appointment in advance to enter.

Ramble around the unique rock formations and the fascinating wildflowers at Penny’s Bend Nature Preserve, an 84-acre peninsula that is formed by the Eno River.

Rollingview State Recreation Area, along the shores of Falls Lake lets you enjoy nature at its best with plenty of bird-watching, fishing, boating & sailing, water surfing, swimming and water skiing as well as hiking and camping.

For kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts the Frog Hollow Canoe & Kayak Service offers guided individual as well as group tours.

Visit the colorful 55-acre Sarah P. Duke Gardens. With over 200 species of exotic flowers it’s no wonder it is often called the “Crown Jewel of Duke U