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There are a few types of bipolar disorder you may or may not know of

There are a few types of bipolar disorder you may or may not know of

There are a few types of bipolar disorder you may or may not know of

The depressive state of bipolar disorder causes you to not only think slowly, but also to concentrate poorly on whatever, whilst feeling tired and experiencing changes in your sleep patterns and your appetite. In addition, during this state of the disorder, you would also tend to feel a sense of worthlessness or helplessness. At this point you are probably no longer in control of your actions anymore, and if care is not taken, you could end up committing suicide.|There are times when you may feel pessimistic or hopeless about the future, thinking about attempting suicide, or something of that nature. If you are one of those who are able to introspect, you might find at this time that there is absolutely no reason at all to be like that, however, you cannot stop the feeling. Be careful, you are likely suffering from bipolar disorder or something close. What you need is time with a doctor – a shrink.|Switching between joy and sadness is what characterizes bipolar disorder. In certain of these cases, when you experience severe depression, you will likely get some psychotic symptoms as well, to go. Delusions or hallucinations will not be too far away. And when you switch over to the happy side of the Force, dear Lord, may the force be with you, and anyone that is with you at that time! You’d be so beside yourself with excitement, it could be nostalgic.

Bipolar disorder, like its name, has two sides to it, the depressive and the manic. When depressed, you’d be down on yourself so much you can’t believe it, and when manic you’d feel intensely and inappropriately happy. The mania is actually kind of funny. You get all self-important and irritable, so much you’d have trouble even sleeping. Genuinely, there isn’t any one of the two sides that are pleasant because they can cause you to take some of the strangest actions.|Racing thoughts sometimes come with bipolar disorder, when you are in an inexplicable excited mind state, talking rapid-fire fashion yet heading off in many directions. Other symptoms that come with these are inflated self-esteem and confidence, as well as delusions of grandeur. And so you become uncharacteristically impatient and abrasive, and then frustrated and physically abusive. That’s why you know that even the happy part of bipolar disorder is not a nice one.|Bipolar disorder causes people to think irrationally, and behave in socially inappropriate ways. In this state of mind, there is no way you are not having impaired judgment of instances and issues. Sometimes you are excited enough to take airplane trips all over the country, and at other times you could feel so down you’d decide to just be mean to someone you care about.

I once saw a fellow make some indecent sexual advances at a lady, and strangely she seemed to fall for it. Then suddenly, as though in a dream, he turned on her and upon himself, berating them both about being unable to do anything about the crumbling world economy. World economy! I mean, where did this guy come from? I hated eavesdropping on their little romantic banter, but by reason of having a shrink as a friend, I knew that this was bipolar disorder in action.|Excited bipolar disorder sufferers like to formulate grandiose plans that they are never able to conclude, but that involve indiscriminate investments of money. You may have seen some self-destructive fellas in Vegas, doing some excessive gambling, sometimes winning, most times losing, always not caring either way. These people need help, not indulgence. Get them some help.

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