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The Rising Popularity Of The Massage Chair

The Rising Popularity Of The Massage Chair

The Rising Popularity Of The Massage Chair

Available to the retail market beginning in the 1980’s, massage chairs are finally becoming one of the most popular home therapy products on the market. These chairs were developed to provide the benefits of massage therapy to the home user on a regular basis. Also, by being placed in one’s home, it affords a great deal of convenience.
Massage therapy has been used for centuries to treat pain, help with relaxation. Massage is also credited with boosting the body’s immune system through the stimulation of reticular cells. Like a traditional massage, the massage chair is designed to reduce tension, reduce headaches, relax muscles and alleviate pain. Massage chairs are thought to help sufferers of digestive problems, circulation problems, and chronic fatigue.
Earlier models of massage chairs were not very effective. But as technology developed, the mechanisms became more realistic and reliable. While a massage chair may not be able to simulate the total therapeutic benefits of a massage by hand, at the very least, it provides massage motions that are consistent. Some people even say that the electronic massage is in fact better as the motions never tire and they are delivered in a rhythmic and regular fashion.
With the advent of improved technology, today’s massage chairs can be customized and programmed to meet the user’s individual needs. Programs pinpointing problem areas and allowing choice of firmness are becoming standard, and the choice of mechanisms also varies widely. Some feature popular shiatsu style kneading action, while others employ vibration and rollers to achieve that “ooh, ahh” sensation.
With increased technology and rising consumer demand, the price of good quality massage chairs should continue to drop. This will result in a massage chair becoming more affordable to more families. In time to come, perhaps, the massage chair will no longer be considered a luxury item.

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