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The Rewards Of Student Credit Cards

The Rewards Of Student Credit Cards

The Rewards Of Student Credit Cards

The way to help build a bright future is to extend your education into a higher learning facility. A 2004 study by the U.S. Department of Commerce found that a high school graduate earns an average of $36,000 per year, while a person with a Bachelor of Arts Degree averages $65,442. These startling figures alone should encourage most students to continue their education after high school graduation.

As parents, we see that our children attend school to get their book smarts and urge them to further their schooling. But quite often we neglect teaching them one of life’s more important lessons, money management. This can be one of life’s tougher lessons and not so easily learned. That’s where the student credit cards can come in. The lower limits set on the student credit cards can keep the lid on expenditures, while at the same time showing the student exactly where their money is going. The discipline of meeting that monthly payment each month is part of their higher education while at the same time helping to build a future. It’s another form of education, but in real life.

As the college degree brings a much higher earning potential, no matter what your income level is, a good and solid credit rating is a must for every person. Whether it’s a home loan or a car loan or a department store credit card, a good credit rating is a necessity of life. There’s no easier way to begin building that credit history than to take advantage of one of the hundreds of student credit card offers being made today. Whether it be an online credit card offer or one received in the mail, students should seriously consider obtaining a student credit card.

The student credit card offers vary. From 0 introductory APR to cash back programs, there’s an offer to fit everyone’s needs. Some credit card companies offer rewards to students for keeping their grades up and paying their bills on time. You just may be able to afford that graduation trip through one of the rewards programs being offered. This is the perfect way to learn Finance 101, the discipline of money management, build a good credit history, and be rewarded at the same time. Obtaining a student credit card makes perfect money cent$.

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