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The Future of Transportation High Speed Trains

The Future of Transportation High Speed Trains

The Future of Transportation High Speed Trains

It is a fact that more and more people are now taking public transportation rather than driving their cars to reach their destination. With the current fuel prices, who wouldn’t? Today, the people as well as the government are now taking another look at trains as one of the main transportation for the public.

Also, because of air traffic congestion becoming worse every year, people are now trying to find an alternative means of transport that can provide speed like those of an aircraft, and safety.

High speed trains are now being developed all over the world. Some are now researching more about the technology employed in France’s TGV, while there are also others who are taking a look at solar power and even magnets.

Imagine having a transportation system that can take you from New York to Los Angeles in just a matter of hours? This can be quite an achievement as you will now be able to travel faster and much safer than ever before. Research on new railway technology is now being done. In fact, some prototypes are now being tested with a high success rate.

The key to high speed train is less friction. This means that the track should not be in contact with the actual train itself. In turn, this will mean that future trains should have no wheels. So, how can trains go without wheels? The answer to this is magnets or air.

This technology to propel trains at very high speeds have existed for decades. However, it was only recently that governments have invested on further research.

So, how can trains go faster with magnets or air?

In magnets, the electric field underneath the tracks will be the ones that will lift the train. Unlike the traditional tracks where you will see two metal bars where the train’s wheels are connected, the magnet technology will have magnets for tracks.

When the electromagnet is turned on, the train or cabin will be lifted by powerful electromagnetic forces. Now, each track section will switch on and off at a very fast rate, which will propel the train. With no friction between the tracks and the actual train, it will allow it to go at a very high speed without the dangers of metal fatigue.

Also, because the train will not touch the track, it will mean a smoother ride.

Although much research is also done by using air as a way to propel the train at high speeds, the electromagnetic technology is considered to be the most feasible.

This technology is called Maglift.

Although this technology is currently under development, it is very possible that we will be able to see Maglift trains in the near future. It will be able to travel at high speeds, and it is also very safe as it is free from metal fatigue. The Maglift technology is now being researched and developed all over the world.

The fact that this kind of trains will be very reliable and very efficient it will not be a surprise if we see one operating in the near future.

Imagine, with trains like this, we will now be able to travel from New York to Los Angeles in a matter of hours by land. Also, it will be much safer than your average train and air travel as well as more comfortable.

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