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The Future of Public Transportation High Speed Trains

The Future of Public Transportation High Speed Trains

The Future of Public Transportation High Speed Trains

We all know for a fact that we need to travel. People travel for various reasons. Some travel for business and others travel for pleasure or to go on a vacation. Either way, people wants to get to their destination as fast as possible in order to avoid wasting time and also to make the most of it.

Although airplanes can provide you with this kind of benefit, you need to face the fact that because of increasing oil prices and with the economy at an all time low, air travel can get quite expensive. This is why the government is now allocating funds for research and development of a new kind of public transportation system, which are high speed trains.

Although trains have been around for centuries, you have to consider the fact that it is still being used today. Everywhere you go, you will see that almost every country has some sort of railway system that provides for the people. From subways, to monorails, to that traditional railroad, you will see trains everywhere and is still an integral part of the transportation system in any country.

However, trains today are still slow. Even with France’s TGV, people seem to want faster trains. Now, imagine being able to travel from Los Angeles to New York in a matter of hours? Today, bright minds from all over the world are now trying to discover new ways to develop a faster, safer and more reliable railway system that can change the way people travel. Some are now researching more about electromagnetic technology to propel trains at very high speeds, while there are also others that are researching air cushion technology.

The key here is that the actual train will not touch the rail itself. This means it has to be lifted off the ground. In electromagnet technology, it works like when you put both the positive or negative ends side to side. You will see that the magnets will repel from each other. This is how lift is achieved. To propel the train, sections of metal will alternate between positive and negative polarity. One will lift the cars and another section will attract the cars of the train. Do this at high speeds and you will be able to achieve forward or backward movement of the train cars.

As you can see, the concept for trains powered by electromagnets is very simple. This concept has existed for decades but it is only now that the government is investing funds for further research and development. Besides, with the rising world oil prices and declining economy, we have to have a cheap, fast, and reliable way to travel.

Because the trains of the future will not be touching the railroad itself and will have no wheels, it will reduce the risk of metal fatigue. This means that trains of the future will be a lot safer than ever before. Imagine traveling from New York to Los Angeles at the speed of sound? In the future, this is very much possible and some countries are now even testing prototypes of these types of trains.

It’s only a matter of time that we will be able to see the first ever train that can achieve traveling as fast as the speed of sound. So, don’t be surprised if people will prefer traveling by train in the near future.

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