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The Future Of Podcasting

The Future Of Podcasting

The Future Of Podcasting

We think of podcasting as a means of conveying audio presentations. It is also used for presenting video. The applications for podcasting are continually being refined and the growth of future applications continue to evolve as well.

A podcast in the future may be used by educational facilities to provide a full media presentation to students that allow interaction with technology and printed media. In essence podcasting could allow a student to use media as a learning tool. It might also allow students to either provide self diagnosis on their grasp of the material or it might even allow them to take a test via the podcast linked to testing software.

A growing number of schools already provide students with laptops for school purposes and it is highly likely this trend will grow.

This technology aimed at educational advances may hold promise for online businesses.

What this might mean in the future is a fully interactive course can be created either as a means of directing affiliates through the best ways to grow their stake in your affiliate agreement. A fully developed podcast in the future might well do away with the separate audio presentations and video streaming that has proven useful to netrepreneurs.

As with any development in technological advancement the potential with podcasting is just being realized. It may one day be the gold standard for a wide variety of Internet based media presentations. The growth of podcasting is phenomenal, but it still hasn’t been fully developed.

In the future, interactive ecourses may be distributed via podcasting; ezines may be delivered in a portable podcast format. Industry newscasts can be integrated into podcasts and the whole experience will likely be extremely slick and highly desired.

As with any new technology the development of this process will likely find first adopters paying several thousand dollars to be among the first to pass the newest tools along to their customers. It is certain the cost will ultimately go down, but you may have to determine if early adoption is beneficial or even practical. For some it will be.

In some form or fashion many of these abilities are already available in some of the best sites on the web, but they are typically linked using several technologies and may not allow end-user interaction. When the forward progression of podcasting is realized it may likely render many current software applications obsolete. As technology continues to unfold it will be interesting to see what will ultimately replace podcasting – you can bet it will happen, it’s just a matter of time.

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