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The advent of DVD to iPod Technology

The advent of DVD to iPod Technology

The advent of DVD to iPod Technology

Why DVD?

DVD is the latest craze in technology breakthroughs. Since the advent of the timetable discs in the 50’s, technology has reached new heights almost every decade with the release of the Betamax tapoes, VHS tapes, audio cds, laser discs, video cds, mini discs and all sorts of data storing accessories. The DVD is the latest of these data-storing acessories. Carrying Dolby Stereo sound and high end picture image, viewers and listeners can be assured of the best quality possible in movies and music records.

The Features of Apple iPod

The Apple iPod has always been a stand out not only in design but also in its features. Below are some of the features people love most about the Apple iPod:

1. The Apple ipod users can store and record about five thousand songs.

2. The Apple ipod users can store data on a forty gigabytes of harddrive space. The storage of the five thousand songs is not the end of it.

3. The Apple ipod users can easily manuever their way with the iPod controls because of the Click Wheel.

4. The Apple iPod users can expect to have a longer period of music and videos because of the long battery life of the Apple iPod. The battery life of an Apple iPod usually last about 12 hours.

5. The Apple ipod users can expect a more easier tuning to music due to the ability of the iPod for an easy set up of a music playlist.

6. The Apple iPod users can also expect to be happy with the shufle function providing them with random feel to the playlist.

With these basic features, the iPod have increased its sales and is now number one among the MP3 playin devices. Apple, however did not stop there, they started introducing more accessories, more add-ons that eventually gave the Apple iPod an edge over other multimedia players. A feature, however, that was missed by iPod is the DVD to iPod software.

The iPod Media Studio 2.0

iPod Hacks

For sometime, Apple techies and fanatics have introduced many modifications to the Apple iPod. These modifications aims to help the Apple iPod user to personalize their iPods. Apple iPods has been modified by techies by using iPod hacks. Techies are bent on giving more power to the user in terms of customization and personalization of their Apple iPod.

What are iPod hacks?

iPod hacks are either softwares or hardwares that improves the appearance, capabilities or features of an Apple iPod. Summing it up, iPod Hacks is anything that provides modifications to the Apple iPod. One such avaialable iPod hack is a software that provides DVD to iPod capability to the usual Apple iPod. Various firmwares on the Internet offer free softwares of DVD to iPod technology.

DVD to iPod Software

DVD to iPod, this is the feature that everyone wishes to have, but unfortunately, the Apple iPod did not provide. The iPOdMedia provides DVD to iPod capabilities to the Apple iPod. It is the fastest software available for DVD to Ipod transfers or to move DVD’s directly into your video Apple iPod. By using this DVD to iPod software, you can enjoy watching DVD movies on the beautiful 2.5 inches LCD monitor of the Apple iPod. It is currently 400 percent faster than any other DVD to iPod products on the market.

Imagine this, anyone can convert any movie from DVD (DVD to iPod), and not only that; any recorded material from the television, or even movies that you recorded from home using a DV-camcorder, even a movie record from a digital still camera is possible for conversion.

With 2 mouse clicks using the DVD to iPod software, convert the movies into a file that is optimized for playback. It must be optimized with the Apple iPod’s built-in video player.

Anyone can now enjoy movies with a surprisingly sharp and clear picture with additional quality stereo CD sound. Also, new Cyberspeed technology will allow a user of up to 400 percent faster conversion from DVD to iPod. In fact, in a span of less than 45 minutes, a user can put a complete DVD movie on the iPod.

The DVD to iPod technology is the ideal solution for all frequent travellers or just to manage the kids while driving the car.

Apple iPod users can store up to 100 video hours (if the Apple iPod is a 60 Gb model) or 50 video hours (if the Apple iPod is a 30 Gb model). Any video of either feature films or TV and movie content.

Do not worry if the DVD is sourced from abroad, all subtitles, foreign languages, and even the quality of Dolby surround sound are supported. Users have no need for the Quicktime Pro. The DVD to iPod software would run on any PC with Windows NT, XP or Windows 2000 Operating System.

This DVD to iPod software can also automatically zoom or widescreen movies with the ratio 16:9 to be able to fit on the 4:3 iPod screen. The user can even have a manual option to turn this feature off.

The iPodMedia Studio is about US$ 32.95 and has a lifetime support.

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