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Telemedicine: Using the Teleconference

Telemedicine: Using the Teleconference

Telemedicine: Using the Teleconference

Without a doubt, there definitely have been some great advancements in the use of medical technology and how to treat patients. Doctors from many medical fields already know the value and benefit of using some of this medical technology. However, one concept that you may not have heard before is the concept of Telemedicine. Even though this seems like a strange concept to grasp, the basic idea here is that teleconference software is used by the Telemedicine field in order to treat the patients who need treated. Naturally, teleconference software changes the whole face of the patient-doctor interaction, but there are some interesting and unique implications that teleconference software has on the industry of Telemedicine.

First off, let’s review the types of medical fields in which teleconference software has made a difference. It certainly has not changed how everyone is treated, but the Telemedicine that is used is typically in the clinical care field. Telemedicine is also referred to as “Care-at-a-distance,” and it has been used for several years in the practice of gynecology, neurology, pediatrics, cardiology, internal medicine, and psychology. For the main purpose of this article and not to get bogged down into details, we will focus on Telemedicine as it relates to psychology, psychiatry, as well as pediatrics.

How Pediatricians use Teleconference Technology

Pediatrics is definitely an interesting field that can be used with teleconferencing software. If more doctors and professionals in this field used teleconference software to treat children and successfully practice pediatrics then there definitely would be more help going around to those who truly need it. But some of the things that doctors are able to do with patients via teleconference meetings from their own home is listen to their heartbeat, as well as look inside a person’s ears, nose, and throat. All of these things are done through the use of highly digital and successful e-products. For example, a tele-stethoscope and tele-otoscope are two instruments which aid the doctor in examining a child.

How Psychology and Psychiatry can use Teleconference software

Medical doctors are not just the only care professionals who are able to use teleconference meeting software. The psychology and psychiatry field both have great implications for the use of teleconference technology in their field. For example, the practice of psychology and the administration of psychotherapy and counseling sessions all can be conducted by using this teleconference software. Psychologists and their clients are able to connect digitally and remotely be using web teleconferencing software.

On another note, psychiatrists are also able to use teleconference software. Prescriptions that are typically hand-delivered to a client can now be given as e-scriptions, but they can still be taken to the local pharmacy in order to be validated and fulfilled.

All of these great advancements in medicine and the way people are treated have not yet changed the whole medical field, but it may not be too far off in the distance where the great majority of people will be connecting to their computers and internet in order to be treated instead of traveling long distances in their car!