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Technology Changes In The Retail Industry

Technology Changes In The Retail Industry

Technology Changes In The Retail Industry

When it comes to shopping people tend to fall into two distinct categories and they are you either love it or you hate it. This article looks at how modern retailers are using modern technology to make the shopping experience better than ever.

What do you think is the best thing about shopping? Is it the anticipation of actually going to the store to make your purchase? Or are one of those people who gets the most joy from actually getting home from the shops and trying on or using or sampling the product or item you have just purchased? Perhaps the actual buzz of the shopping trip with family and friends is what most appeals to you including the window shopping and the thoughts of what you may or may not buy.

So if these are some of best things about shopping, what are the worst? Well, how about the queuing in traffic to actually get to the store in the first place or the driving around looking for an elusive parking space? Maybe it is driving all the way to the shops only to be told the item you specifically wanted is no longer in stock. Or perhaps the curse of the queue when you actually arrive at the checkout or when you are waiting for a member of staff to help you with a query?

The fact is regardless of whether you love or loathe the whole shopping experience modern retailers know that in such a competitive market they have to do everything in their power to make your experience when you visit their store as easy, straightforward and pleasurable as possible. Retailers who fail to do this know that consumers will vote with their feet and simply take their business elsewhere. A well known saying is that you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is certainly true but for retailers, even when that first impression has been made, they have to work hard to ensure the service, products and feeling they give customers is maintained at a high standard.

Modern technology has meant that retailers can now enhance the experience their customers receive more than ever before. Store and loyalty cards are one such use of technology as they not only reward shoppers with discounts and money off advantages but they also track spending habits and buying trends of their customers. This means they know who, what, when and how people are buying certain products and they can tailor their promotional campaigns, staffing and stock levels accordingly.

Another new way in which forward thinking retailers are embracing technology to enhance their stores safety, security and communication is through the use of Two Way Radios like the Kenwood TK3201. Two Way Radios like the Kenwood TK-3201, Motorola XTN446 and ICOM F25SR give retailers the perfect way improve their communication and performance. Not only does 2 Way Radio allow members of staff to communicate over a wide area but they can be used as a health and safety tool so workers can report accidents, check stock levels and stay in touch across the entire site from the shop floor to the distribution area.

Imagine a customer asking a member of staff if a particular item was in stock. Gone can be the days of the staff member disappearing from what seems like ever to find out. Instead a simple call using the Two Way Radio to someone in charge of the stock levels and the customer is told in seconds if the item is available. Modern Two Way Radios like the Kenwood TK3201 and Motorola XTN446 Radio are a perfect way for modern retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors whilst making all our shopping experiences better.

If you are a retailer who wants to provide your customers with the best service levels at all times then Two Way Radio could be the best Christmas present your store gets this year.

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