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Static Authority Sites vs Dynamic Authority Sites

Static Authority Sites vs Dynamic Authority Sites

Static Authority Sites vs Dynamic Authority Sites

Which way to go? What to read? In today’s world each and every topic needs some research. We need to have good information and perfect facts about every hard and soft news floated. By static authority sites we mean the sites in which the information always remain static and never change. We can compare a static authority site to a news paper. Like once news printed cannot be changed, information in a static authority website once published can never be changed till next edition just like a newspaper and book.

On the other hand when we talk about dynamic authority sites we talk of those websites which are free and have a free flow of information. The dynamic authority websites use programming in addition to the layout to not only allow the flow of data in and out but to make a very meaningful and fruitful relation with the data. An online business directory allows all types of businessmen to open up their profiles and allow them to sign up. Individual can make their own profiles and carry on business through web. Visitors to the site may sign in to the website and search for all the information they need.

The dynamic authority websites empower individuals with the ability to upload their views in reference to the context. This facility is not available in static authority websites. These web sites do not allow individuals to upload their ideas and views in the sites. Visitors can read through the information but no personal views can be presented in these types of sites.

We can further look into the financials aspects when launching such sites. If the business is small then it is good to go for static authority websites. And if there are not a lot of products to display then people can go for static authority websites. But if there is a big business to launch and has a lot of information to offer then one can go for dynamic authority websites. Dynamic sites offer a whole host of direct and related information as well as allow visitors to give their own angle and opinion creating a two-way flow or share of information.

A simple example of this choice would help you understand the difference better. If you want to book or rent a small house you can go for the static authority website where you can get some area specific information about the price, options and contact information. But if you want multiple options and want to go through your house hunting process with a real estate broker then it is better to opt for a dynamic authority website which will have multi-layered information and databases to match your search.

In order to be better profiled for your online business, and get the best results from your Internet marketing strategies, opt for a dynamic site. It gives a comprehensive feel to your content and since it is reciprocal in nature, it goes a long way to make your site an authority website.