Stamping A Fine Impression


Stamping A Fine Impression

Stamping has undergone a metamorphosis from the the time it was first brought into use. Not really a new phenomenon, the trend dates back to 3000 BC when seals were used for the purpose of communication as humans were yet to devise a proper language. That was the era when stamps and seals were generally made from materials like wood, stone, bone and metals. The rapid development of technology in almost all manufacturing processes has meant several improvements in the final product. The same holds true for stamps too. Thanks to the laser technology being employed by many prestigious stamp manufacturers, customers can now procure their customized stamps in less time and expect an even better result in terms of quality. Modern technology has also ensured that less and less errors take place.

The introduction of lasers in the stamping process has made it possible to engrave materials like wood, plastics and plexiglass. Moreover, no manpower is used when laser technology is employed to make stamps. Stamping has truly developed with the times. From symbols in ancient caves to multi colored stamps, humans have truly learned to leave their distinct ‘impression’. In fact, in the present times, multi colored stamps have emerged to be a rage- be it for official, personal or artistic purposes, the demand for multi colored stamps ceases to decline and finds application in newer processes everyday. No wonder, established online companies and experts have been on an all time increase and offer a huge variety of multicolored stamps to suit all needs.

The origin of the popular rubber stamps, seen today, is closely linked with early dentistry as dental specialists used vulcanized rubber that was set in plaster molds in order to make inexpensive denture bases. Most dentists had their own vulcanizers, which would be instrumental in manufacturing the first rubber stamp.

In the year 1886, James C Woodruff, taking the help of a dentist relative created the first rubber stamp. There has been no looking back ever since. Stamps have become an indispensable part of most organizations, government offices, post offices and other bodies. The popular picture stamps were introduced in form of educational stamps and the artistic stamps we use today date back to the year 1919 when German artist Kyrt Schwatting used them in his collages. Today, there are hundreds of companies specializing in manufacturing different kinds of stamps around the country and advanced technology is being employed to devise state of the art stamps.

As the Internet revolution spread, stamping gained a new dimension with online companies offering different kinds of stamps including self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, rubber stamps, dater stamps and number stamps. No matter what your requirement is- be it name stamps, address stamp, endorsement stamp, or signature stamp, multicolored stamps, ordering high quality stamps today is just a matter of a few clicks!

Stamps people use

Thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, there are different kinds of stamps available at popular online stores like XpressStamp. Self-inking stamps that don’t need a inking pad for functioning have been a blessing for all those who have always wanted to avoid messy stamp pads. These stamps boast of a built-in ink pad that inks the stamp die after each impression. The same allows you to make thousands of impressions without any external inking pad. The best part is that such stamps can easily be re-inked. Several good stores offer these stamps in different shapes and sizes to meet your requirement.

Another category of stamps that are popular around the world and available at good online stores are pre-inked rubber stamps. These stamps hold ink within their rubber die and there is no ink pad. Whenever the stamp is used, ink oozes its way out of the rubber die. The reason they are more popular is that they offer a better image quality as compared to self-inking stamps and larger sizes are available. The quality of the stamp die is also better than the one used in traditional and self inking stamps

Despite innovations in stamping, the popularity of traditional rubber stamp cannot be refuted. Suitable for making large impressions, these stamps still find many takers- from crafters to business houses, traditional rubber stamps still retain their popularity on major online stamping stores. Of course, you need an ink pad with these stamps.

Dater stamps allow you to stamps dates fast and more conveniently. In fact, you can also order a customized text above and below the date.

Get your stamp- today!

As business houses and individuals around the world insist on deliveries at a break-neck speed, it has become paramount for stamp making concerns to adopt state of the art technology that enables them to deliver stamps really quickly.

Today companies use high end technology in their manufacturing and delivery processes in order to fulfill commitments in the stipulated time period. They can, in fact, deliver customized stamps within 48 hours, and other stamps in close to 78 hours. Over a period of time, it has been seen that it is not just the prices of articles that matter. In fact, more and more customers have started paying attention to quality of service being offered. The same has resulted in a wash-out of several online companies that aimed to woo customers by merely offering discounts and seldom concentrating on quality service.

Order online

Today, the Internet gives you the option to buy virtually anything without going out at all. The same holds true when it comes to buying stamps. There are several dependable online stores that offer you a wide array of stamps at unbelievable prices. Besides, your orders are shipped in the minimum possible time. Last but not the least, most good stamping sites offer a good price for what are fairly high quality stamps. So, if you are looking for good quality stamps at a decent price, all you need to do is find a reliable online vendor who understands your particular expectations in terms of quality and timely delivery. If you can find a recommended vendor, the rest should be easy to get!

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