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Solar Power in the US

Solar Power in the US

Solar Power in the US

Sunlight contains energy and if you can capture it using a special gadget, you can turn it into electricity. For many years, solar power was always overlooked. But now that the world is becoming warmer, the sources of fossil fuels are depleting, and the cost of electricity is continuously rising, many people now realize the importance of solar power.

With solar power, you will no longer have to worry about electricity once you’ve installed the solar power system. Aside from that, you will get clean and renewable energy. When you install a solar power system, you’re able to hit two birds with one stone – you’re able to save the earth and you can save a lot of money in the coming years. The system can last for about twenty years and that’s like a lifetime already. With proper care and maintenance, the system might reach thirty years of service.

In the US, solar power is gaining popularity. Years ago, it would have been impossible to use solar power in homes because it was too expensive. But thanks to modern technology, many homeowners in the US as well as businesses now make use of solar energy. Power bills can surely be reduced thereby saving the environment and the pockets of homeowners or businesspersons.

Some places in the US enjoy a lot of sunlight particularly Los Angeles California. There are so many solar power systems available today and solar panels are just one of them. Despite the many benefits of solar power, have you ever wondered why very few people use it? At this point, experts claim that solar power is still inefficient. To generate more electricity, then larger solar panels are needed which are quite bulky. Just imagine putting a large and ugly panel on your rooftop which can destroy your home’s overall beauty? Ready made solar panels are quite costly that ranges from $35,000 – $250,000 depending on the size.

Scientists are still conducting researches and at present, solar power is said to be more efficient now unlike many years ago. Drastic changes were made thereby improving the solar panel’s price and appearance. With the invention of the photovoltaic cells, solar power was greatly improved. The cells will be placed on steel substrate to capture sunlight and the energy will be stored within the battery. The photovoltaic panels contain n layers of cells thereby increasing its efficiency. These new panels make use of the ‘amorphous silicon thin alloy technology’. Through this technology, the cells are not bulky anymore and highly efficient. With stylish photovoltaic panels, your house or office will still look pleasant eve with the panel on top.

Aside from the cell, photovoltaic shingles were also invented. Basically, the shingles modified solar panels. If you don’t want to use bulky solar panels, this is an excellent choice because of its aesthetic and convenient design. The photovoltaic shingles look like ordinary shingles and are colored black.

The photovoltaic cells and shingles have definitely enhanced the solar power technology. Who knows? Perhaps in the future, experts and scientists can now develop smaller cells, panels, etc. Check out LA and see the solar powered homes there. You can now start calculating your home’s electrical requirements so that you can determine the right size of the power system. Start with a small project and work your way up but if you can afford to pay for ready-made ones, go ahead.