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SIRIUS Satellite Radio – Serious About Your Listening Pleasure


SIRIUS Satellite Radio – Serious About Your Listening Pleasure

SIRIUS Satellite Radio offers 130 channels available throughout the continental US and Canada. It provides digital-quality programming for different categories that caters to a wide variety of preferences.

The studios of SIRIUS Satellite Radio are located in the heart of New York City – in Rockefeller Center. In there, one will be able to witness high-tech digital communications and broadcasting equipments designed with the consumer’s satisfaction in mind.

Radio programming on music, news, sports, live performances, and other entertainment genres are available. SIRIUS Satellite Radio claims to deliver this service 100% commercial-free – meaning, one can enjoy music playing all day long, without being interrupted by any advertisements or promotions every once in a while.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has partnered with big names in the sports, news and entertainment industry as NBA, NFL, ESPN, FOX News, CNBC, C-SPAN and NPR. Radio programming that features the popular Howard Stern and Martha Stewart are available. SIRIUS Satellite Radio also has shows of the comedy type, public & political affairs, the arts, weather and many more. Again, they have 130 channels to host these radio programs – and surely, any show of your liking will definitely find its answer here. With all these, one is assured of the high quality of radio programming available for one to enjoy.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has 3 satellites at work here – to provide its customers with high quality signals giving them the satisfaction of listening to the music and programs they love in clear quality.

Subscribing to SIRIUS Satellite Radio would first require that you get yourself a SIRIUS equipment or receiver. These can be bought in major electronic stores. One can even buy a SIRIUS Plug & Play radio over their online shop. Try to give them a visit online at www.sirius.com.

These are available for installation in one’s car, truck, home and office. SIRIUS Satellite Radio has also made agreement with top automakers as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Volkswagen, etc. to install AM/FM/SAT radios on their cars. Definitely, for new car owners, subscribing to satellite radio becomes a lot easier.

One will then only need to activate their subscription, by calling 1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474) or thru online. Activating over the phone would cost $15, but if you do it online, it will only be $10. So if you want to start enjoying the wonderful world of satellite radio programming, check out SIRIUS Satellite Radio – they sure have a lot to offer.

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