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Self Improvement

No matter what part of society you operate in, mental health care is one of the most ignored issues that there is.

I know this might seem like an excessive generalization, but think about it. If people are sick – even if they just

have a minor cold – they often go to the doctor. At the very least, they might take a sick day. With mental health

disorders, however, illness is ignored until it reaches a critical level.

Basically, mental illnesses are completely acceptable as long as you can still function in your job. If you

constantly had sinus pain, congestion, and a runny nose, people would think that you were insane if you didn’t go

to the doctor. Nonetheless, there are people with neurotic conditions that last their whole lives who never seek

any mental health counseling.

This is why it is so important to educate people on the importance of health mental. Mental health outreach is

crucial. Everyone, from victims of torture and horrible physical abuse to people who have grown up in a fairly

normal and healthy environment, runs into a psychological issue at some point in their life. It is estimated to be

practically epidemic in our society. Depression mental health issues account for hundreds of thousands of missed

workdays every year, and suicide has become a common preventable cause of death. If you know someone who has a

psychological health problem, it is important that you do everything in your power to get them into therapy.

Undiagnosed mental health problems can put an incredible strain on the patient and the community.

Unfortunately, our society has an absence of mental health support. There is emergency mental health care available

almost everywhere, but once you’re out of that critical stage, unless you have extremely good insurance, it is hard

to be covered. The philosophy is basically to give you a pill and forget about it. Back even a couple decades ago,

health care mental was much better. People could get full courses of therapy to help them deal with chronic mental

health problems. The problem is that the pharmaceutical companies and the health care providers are more concerned

with profit than with people. It is cheaper to write out a prescription for Prozac than to actually get to the root

of a mental issue. Until our society changes its attitudes about psychological health, things will only continue to

get worse.

SO…What do we do? You and i can take the matter of mental health,and self improvement,and take care of

ourselfs,if the problem is not too bad.Self esteem,confidence,including the power of ‘positive thinking’ can all be

improved,with tools like NLP,a “mind tool”,what i like to call it,which changed a person like ‘Anthony Robbins’,to

great heights,as we all know.But even the best garden in the world,needs to be maintained..to stay in good shape.

From Sukbinder SINGH wWw.The-Better-Mind.com.
Self Improvement Made Easy.

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