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Selecting Right Types Of Air Purifiers

Selecting Right Types Of Air Purifiers

Selecting Right Types Of Air Purifiers

For sufferers of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases, indoor air pollution in the form of dander, dust and pollen particles can be a real irritant. Purifying the house along with proper indoor ventilation and filtration system is essential for a healthy home atmosphere. Keeping your house clean of dust, dander, smoke, pollen, and other airborne particulate matters will help to reduce the irritation and other respiratory difficulties. Air purifiers, filters and heap filters are beneficial to control and reduce the exposure to indoor allergens.

There are several health authorities that recognize the types of filtration systems that are beneficial in reducing the amount of airborne particulates. The Mayo clinic recommends an air particle filter for household ventilation systems. The American lung association recommends using a heap air filter purifier for the bedrooms of asthma sufferers. Ionic filters and heap filters have been recognized by the Asthma and allergy foundation of America (AAFA) and the British Allergy Foundation.

Selecting the right type of air purifier for your home is the most important task. The air we breathe plays a dominant part in our health. While selecting air purifier, we need to look at dependable and reliable technology. The best way to test air is to test it inside the submarine! The submarine needs to be purified and the technology used must be the best system that is proven, tested and reliable. An air purifier with the technology that can capture and destroy bacteria, viruses and mold, and capture irritating cooking odors, harmful chemical fumes, unwanted pet odors, second-hand cigarette smoke and other indoor air pollutants such as dust and pollen; is the best of the lot that can deep clean the air you inhale.

It is not necessary to be an allergy sufferer to enjoy the benefits of an air purifier. Air purifier is essential to remove dust, cigarette smoke and other allergens. There are different models available for home and office use. The HEPA and electrostatic air purifiers use activated carbon and sometimes UV purification. It removes 99.97% of all dust and pollen particulates that pass through the filter. Depending on the design of your hoe, your economic constraints and the level of allergies that your family members possess, There are different types of air purifiers that will work for you.