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Online consumer spending in the month of November 2004 alone grew by 19%, that equals $8.8billion. Since 2002 online spending increased by 62%.
Grab a slice of the action now whilst you can do it for pennies, and before the big boys gobble up all the prime targetted keyword feeds – and they will.
So start your rss news feed now for pennies and be an early adopter and get off to a flying start. The sooner you do the big media companies with billions of ad dollars are going to be knocking on your door, asking to advertise on the html web pages that come up in the feed, and already I see adverts by the big media people literally plastered over many pages I look at every day, but just think of the ad revenue some of these early adopters are now raking in. It literally is being thrust upon them without asking, for there are not enough feeds out there to satisfy demand of the media moguls.
You may have doubts as to making any mony off these feeds you set up, just consider this, your feed and where the feed items take people to, ie. your web pages, can look like any multi-million dollar corporations web site out there, the difference can be nil.
Remember too, that habits have changed dramatically in the last two years, surfing the news feeds has replaced watching television as the main activity, especially in the USA.
Cruising the feeds does not cost anything, all you need is a feed reader software, and many of these are free, there is one on my own site for free download, and at the moment is one of the most downloaded progs on my server, that’s how much interest there now is in rss feeds.
Having a feed out there drives traffic to your web site, where you will not only be selling a product or service, but would have Google Adsense ads as well as ‘third party’ ads. It really does not matter that some of these ads are for your competitors, the ad revenue will become more important than selling anything from your web site and will give you substantial reveue’s for years to come. Residual incomes like this is a desirable thing.
It takes a while for your news feed to be known about, but putting the address of the feed in many ‘blogs’ and forums is a fast way of getting it known.
The sooner you put up your own feed, the sooner you will gain ad revenue, it does not matter too much about the content, you don’t have to come up with your own original articles everyday. Many news feeds out there are posting many of the same articles they have obtained from Ideamarketers.com and press releases from PRWEB.com.
These are just to hang the advertising on and start getting ad revenue’s from the big media companies, the more ads they can spread around, the more ‘eyeballs’ are going to see the ads and then their clients are going to be very happy spending the money.
So, original content would be nice, but to get you started, do what many others are doing, and get some ad revenue.
For those who know nothing about rss feeds and how they are made, I wrote an ebook after I set up two feeds, it is available through Clickbank.com or my own site, www.ebook-sales.com The ebook comes with a bonus re-brandable ebook “Think & Grow Rich” the timeless classic by Napoleon Hill, you may sell or give away to promote your link inside.
The name of my ebook? “Really Simple RSS”. This I should have called “Really Simple RSS For Dummies”, because it is for people with no knowledge of this new technology whatsoever, it also comes with technical support to give people confidence that they will put up a feed.
You are not limited either, to putting up only one feed, there is a company out there that has put up 330 of them.
Remember these wise words:- “Procrastination is a thief – don’t let it steal from you.”

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