Robotic Prostate Surgery: A Better Alternative?

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Robotic Prostate Surgery: A Better Alternative?

As compared to open surgery, robotic prostate surgery has more positive things to offer to patients. In terms of cancer removal, safety, pain, and side effects – those that have undergone robotic prostate surgery faired much better than those that went thru the conventional operating procedures.

Robotic prostate surgery is surgery done on the prostate with the aid of robotics technology. Usually combined with laparoscopic procedure that uses long & narrow instruments that are inserted through very small skin incisions, robotic prostate surgery hold much promise for prostate cancer patients.

Not only do studies show of the fewer side effects attributed to robotic prostate surgery, the success of the operation for this type is also higher than with the conventional prostate surgical procedures. Those that have gone under the needle with robotic prostate surgery have less chances of infection.

Considering as well the surgeon’s side, robotic prostate surgery provides for a clear magnification on the area operated upon. The surrounding and critical nerves as should be mentioned appropriately, are better seen and thus, the chances of occurrence of side effects dropping down.

Surgical precision has also been the reason behind the technology of robotic prostate surgery. At the very least, it equals the results of open prostate surgery. This makes it a safer method of surgery and may provide for a more efficient operation at that.

Blood loss is lesser with robotic prostate surgery. The pain experienced is way much lower than the conventional surgery method. Incontinence is less of a problem with robotic prostate surgery – and sexual function, specifically in the quality of the erections, comes back much faster.

Robotic prostate surgery has so far gained positive ratings and have been praised for the benefits it gives both sides – the patient and the surgeon. But like any other surgery, one should understand that success depends not only in the technology used, but on the nature of the cancer, and the quality of the surgeon as well.

With the right technology, and even with the best surgeon, if your cancer is aggressive and is already in a bad state – your success rate coming out of the surgery with the cancer completely removed is decreased. The experience and the expertise of your surgeon also play a critical role during the procedure. The technology that is available will also affect how efficient the surgeon becomes, and how your post-surgery condition will be.

These factors affect the success of your surgical procedure. But with all other things being constant, having the best technology utilized during the prostate surgery will give you better chances on getting cured with fewer and minor side effects.

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