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Red Carpet Rundown: Best & Worst Dressed at the [Award Show]

Red Carpet Rundown: Best & Worst Dressed at the 2023 Elara Awards

The annual Elara Awards never fail to dazzle with their blend of riveting moments, stunning performances, and, of course, the parade of exquisite fashion on the red carpet. This year was no different, with celebrities vying for attention with their sartorial choices. Here’s a comprehensive look at the best and worst dressed of the night.

Best Dressed

1. Hailee Steinfeld

Outfit: Custom Prada Gown

Why it Worked: Hailee Steinfeld was nothing short of breathtaking in her custom-made Prada gown. The ethereal, mint-green dress, adorned with delicate crystal embellishments, featured a sleek, off-shoulder design that perfectly complimented her statuesque frame. Her minimalist makeup and sleek updo let the gown speak for itself.

2. Timothée Chalamet

Outfit: Haider Ackermann Suit

Why it Worked: Timothée Chalamet continues to push sartorial boundaries, and his latest red-carpet appearance was no exception. The actor donned a tailored Haider Ackermann suit, complete with asymmetrical lapels and a striking cobalt-blue hue that contrasted beautifully with his sleek black shirt. Pairing the suit with minimalist accessories, Chalamet exuded effortless elegance.

3. Zendaya

Outfit: Valentino Haute Couture

Why it Worked: Zendaya stole the show in her custom Valentino Haute Couture ensemble. The actress opted for a bold red silk gown with an elegant train and intricate floral details. The plunging neckline and structured silhouette highlighted her figure, while the vibrant color made her stand out as one of the evening’s best dressed.

4. Anya Taylor-Joy

Outfit: Dior Haute Couture

Why it Worked: Anya Taylor-Joy was the epitome of grace in her golden Dior Haute Couture piece. The vintage-inspired dress, featuring a high neckline and intricate beadwork, exuded classic Hollywood glamour. Her styled waves and statement red lips added the perfect finishing touches.

5. Michael B. Jordan

Outfit: Louis Vuitton

Why it Worked: Michael B. Jordan opted for a modern twist on classic black-tie attire with his black Vuitton suit, featuring subtle silver thread detailing. The fit was impeccable, and his choice of a crisp, white shirt and black bow tie gave him a timeless look that resonated with understated sophistication.

Worst Dressed

1. Kristen Stewart

Outfit: Chanel

Why it Missed: Kristen Stewart’s bold fashion choices often pay off, but this year’s Chanel ensemble fell flat. The actress wore a mismatched, multi-patterned outfit that included a cropped tweed jacket and a voluminous tulle skirt. Unfortunately, the clashing textures and prints created a disjointed look that lacked cohesion.

2. Jared Leto

Outfit: Gucci

Why it Missed: Known for his avant-garde fashion, Jared Leto’s ensemble was a fashion risk that didn’t quite hit the mark. His Gucci outfit featured an oversized, iridescent trench coat paired with loose-fitting trousers and metallic loafers. The overly flashy combination drew criticism for appearing more like a Halloween costume than red-carpet couture.

3. Lana Del Rey

Outfit: Vintage Givenchy

Why it Missed: Lana Del Rey’s love for vintage fashion is well-documented, but her Givenchy dress seemed dated rather than timeless. The overly ruffled, pastel yellow gown with puffed sleeves and an abundance of lace details overwhelmed her petite frame, making the entire look feel a bit too antiquated for the occasion.

4. Jonah Hill

Outfit: Fendi

Why it Missed: Jonah Hill’s Fendi outfit was a puzzling mix of patterns and textures that didn’t harmonize. His overly baggy checkered suit, paired with a neon-green turtleneck, clashed instead of complementing. The look felt more suited for a casual daytime event rather than an elegant evening at the Elara Awards.

5. Billie Eilish

Outfit: Balenciaga

Why it Missed: Billie Eilish is known for her distinctive style, but her Balenciaga outfit was a miss at this year’s awards. The oversized, all-black ensemble with excessive layers and quirky accessories gave off an overly gothic vibe that felt out of place among the more refined and polished looks.


The red carpet at the 2023 Elara Awards was a feast for the eyes, filled with hits that will be remembered and misses that will likely be forgotten. As always, fashion is a form of self-expression, and every look adds to the evolving narrative of celebrity style. Whether dazzling us with haute couture or puzzling us with unusual choices, the stars at the Elara Awards ensured it was a night to remember.

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