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Public Relations — A Free Lunch?

Public Relations — A Free Lunch?

Public Relations — A Free Lunch?

Seems like everyone is looking for the proverbial free lunch these days, particularly when it comes to marketing communications. Well, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but there’s no such thing. However, there are ways to stretch your budget and marketing public relations (PR) is one of them.
By MARKETING PR I mean publicity that is directed towards your marketing target audience and carries marketing messages. (It’s not the same as investor or employee relations.) Marketing PR can generate inquiries, economically extend the reach of your advertising and direct mail programs, boost your company’s credibility and enhance its standing as an expert.
There are three basic marketing PR tactics for you to consider:
Does your company bring new products or services to market? Improve existing products or services? Publish literature? These are all great subjects for news releases. Send releases to editors at relevant publications. One release a month is a good goal.
These can highlight your company’s problem solving abilities. And well-written case histories are in demand — by readers and editors alike. You can work with a single publication to place a case history or broadcast it to many publications.
Getting a technical article placed in the right publication can enhance credibility quickly. To be successful this tactic must be backed with careful research and planning to ensure the topic is timely. Usually you’ll work with a single publication to place a feature.
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