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philippine voip provider

philippine voip provider

philippine voip provider

Learn about which VoIP provider serves best in the Philippines

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the technology of voice routing through a high speed internet broadband. It is also known by the names broadband telephony, Internet telephony or simply VoIP. VoIP phone functions just like the traditional phones, except that VoIP phone offers added features which are not available with the traditional landlines.

VoIP phone offers the following features:

• The incoming calls can be received through the VoIP phone or through the computer as long as you are connected to the internet.
• There are numerous VoIP phone packages to choose from. Each of these is customized to meet the needs of different individuals with different requirements.
• Most VoIP phones feature three-way calling, automatic redial, call forwarding, caller ID and voice mail. These features usually come free with the package although some providers charge for a minimum rate.
• VoIP phones can incorporate other internet services such as video conversation, data exchange parallel to the conversations, online management of address books and audio conferencing.

Indeed, VoIP phone technology is the revolutionary system which modified the world’s phone services. In developed countries, VoIP phone features and advantages had been fully explored. However, in developing countries such as the Philippines, this emerging technology is just starting to rule the communication business.

The following companies offer the VoIP services in the Philippines:

Ezezcall Philippines provides VoIP service both for residential and business. This provider features Ezezcall long distance service which complements traditional landlines. With this service, the subscriber does not need a new phone number and the features of the traditional landline are preserved. Furthermore, there are added benefits that the Ezezcall long distance service provides such as low cost monthly package plans, no hidden fees, no annual contract and particularly, Ezezcall provides the highest quality in voice communication which even exceeds that of the local phone line.

The primary requirement in subscribing with Ezezcall is a broadband or a DSL connection. The softphone software can be downloaded for free from the website of the company. Ezezcall offers free trial for you to test the quality of the service. When you have downloaded the software, you can avail the one-time call for ten to sixteen minutes for only .5$.

Sky Internet VoIP is another provider which offers affordable international long distance calls. This will save you up to 85% in costs on the ILD calls. It provides unlimited calls for local numbers, low cost cellphone rates, and low rates for domestic calls. In addition, Ezezcall offers special phone features such as the three-way calling, caller ID, speed dialing, call forwarding, call waiting, and a security PIN for your account protection. Sky Internet VoIP offers the convenience of using your regular phone instead of the PC to PC calling method of the other networks.

VIOCCOM is another team of an international marketing company that makes use of VoIP technology to provide communication services around the globe. It helps connect the Filipino families and friends with its featured flat rates on international long distance calls through their independent distributors such as the Philippines.

Vodini is a telephone company that also offers phone services through the access to the broadband. With its features, you don’t have to be tied up to your local telephone company because Vodini provides the same services with the added features of the high speed internet.

Vodini offers free call services to the same network. For a very low monthly fee, you can have access to its added features for free. To use the services of Vodini, you need a broadband internet connection, a credit card like MasterCard or Visa Card as forms of payment and an analog telephone adaptor or a VoIP phone.

Takalam is another VoIP provider that offers special phone features for free, namely, caller ID, call waiting, anonymous call blocking, busy number redial, call return, speed dial, three-way conference and E911 dialing.

On the business side of VoIP technology, EACOMM Corporation offers high quality communication system for the Philippine market. This provider offers affordable packages which are customized according to individual needs of the clients. With the EACOMM Corporation, your business is accessible to the world.

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