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Personal Trainer Certification

Personal Trainer Certification

Personal Trainer Certification

The fitness industry is a wide open field and opportunities are aplenty. Jobs include personal trainers, aerobics instructors, health club owners, post-rehab specialists, contributing coaches and many more.

However, playing in an even playing field as the fitness industry could also work against you. Precisely because the field is open, it means anyone can just step in. Good if you were among the first ones to grab hold of the many opportunities available. But what if you are the newcomer? You will be up against a lot of stiff, fierce competition from independent personal trainers like what you are trying to be, not to mention those already in the major league. How do you find the foothold to overcome the competition?

This is where a personal trainer certification steps in.

A personal trainer certification is an indication that you are qualified to do your job. If you are a holder of a personal trainer certification, you are in effect sending a signal to your prospective clients that you have the knowledge, skills, and necessary qualifications to do a good job.

Not only that, but also having a personal trainer certification will lead your clients to believe that you truly are dedicated to being a professional personal trainer, because after all, no one in his right mind would invest so much time and money on a personal trainer certification if providing quality service doesn’t mean anything. The fact that you are willing to spend your money and your time on a few weeks or a few months training to gain special skills and knowledge will sit well with your client.

Now you might be wondering why personal trainers in the industry are not exactly falling all over themselves trying to sign up for these certification programs. If personal trainer certifications are so important, how come no one is doing them?

Well, the reason perhaps is that not many personal trainers are aware of this distinct advantage they could have had. A personal trainer certification will certainly give you an edge over the rest of your colleagues. But the most likely reason would be that these personal trainers are already established in the field. They have a clientele who knows their service. And what’s more this clientele are telling other potential clients about their service, thus creating a form of word-of-mouth advert for their service.

They say that the best form of advertisement is a satisfied customer because customer satisfaction means that there is a 50% chance the customer would become a returning customer and a 30% chance that he would tell his friends and family members about the establishment.

This is actually true in all business organizations. Now, in the fitness industry, it is hard enough for you to make it on your own. You do not have that many contacts and not many people are aware about the kind of service you are offering. Well, in order to let them know that you are serious about what you have to offer, you have to show to them some kind of proof. That proof is your personal trainer certification.