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Online Education Class Setups

Online Education Class Setups

Online Education Class Setups

One expert says it in one line: “Anybody who plans to have an online education must be self-directed.” The big reason is because online classes are very different from face-to-face classes, although the intention to learn is the same for students of both.

Online education is really a new tool afforded by current technology. It is beneficial especially to people who might be unable to enter traditional schools but still want to pursue their educational goals.

The following are some of the criteria you have to be aware of and be able to understand as well during your online studies.


All communications in an online class are in written text. Except for the occasional recorded video or audio, most of the lessons, lectures, and assignments are written down, rather than spoken.

In addition, communications between teachers and students (and among the students) are done via e-mails, chat rooms or newsgroups. For the newcomer, this can be intimidating.

Typically, online classrooms contain conferences, folders, or discussion group or some similar forms. They comprise all of the online class materials needed within the time frame of the course.

Time management

In an online course, the management of personal time is of prime importance, even critical. The student must have the discipline and perseverance in allotting time for study, discussion, “attending” class, and communicating with everyone.

This also includes time with family and friends and personal business outside the “classroom”. Support is badly needed from family and friends to keep one’s motivation up. Burnouts are frequent.


Meeting deadlines and time frames are the sole responsibility of the student. There is no one or nothing to blame – not the instructor, not the student’s computer knowledge limitations, etc.

Online classes need more discipline. The absence of a face-to-face attendance of classmates and instructors can lull anyone into laxity.

Work loads

The flexibility of online education in terms of schedules and other student demands does not mean that the student will not exert any effort at all.

In online learning, the student cannot afford to be slack or complacent. Work is the same as it is in on-campus schools, maybe more so because you can choose your time to work. The accelerated pace sometimes overwhelms the unprepared student.

Support system

A strong support system composed of your family and friends (and employer, if there is) should be in place from the start. Your employer’s support is critical if there are competing responsibilities in your work and in school that will both demand for your time.

Technical needs

You need a very good working computer, period. It is THE most important instrument in your online studies.

Your Internet connection should be fast enough and you can search online for your class needs without being dropped all the time. If you are in chat sessions in your class, your online platform should not drop your connection.

Technical issues are normal (and expected within tolerable limits). What you cannot afford is having your computer leave you when you need it most (sending assignment papers or chatting with the instructor, etc.)

All in all, these are some of the important considerations you must live with if you plan to get an online education. Preparation, as always, is a big step towards success.

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