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No High School Diploma? Get Your Career on Track

No High School Diploma? Get Your Career on Track

No High School Diploma? Get Your Career on Track

People without a high school diploma will earn $200,000 less during their lifetimes than graduates, and at least $800,000 less than college graduates, according to statistics published by the Educational Resource Information Center.

Today, people who never finished high school have a variety of options to help them earn their diplomas and turn their lives around.

Careertel, for instance, represents the Liberty High School Diploma Program, which is giving adults without a high school diploma the opportunity to become high school graduates through home-based distance learning.

“We at Careertel can help you get your high school diploma and achieve your goals toward a career,” said Jerome Polvay, president of Careertel. “If you set your goals, before you know it, the impossible will be possible.”

The program, approved by the Vermont State Board of Education, is designed to be a convenient way for busy adults to get their diplomas without taking valuable time away from work and other obligations. Exams are submitted by mail, faculty advisers offer help by phone and course material is provided with each class.

Studies show that a student with a standard high school diploma, as opposed to an equivalency certificate, has a higher chance of securing employment and surviving the rigors of higher education.

Liberty’s curriculum, including such courses as government, science, math and U.S. history, is carefully selected to enable students to get the full high school experience and successfully complete the prerequisites to move on to higher education, vocational training or a job that pays a living wage.

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