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New Tendencies in the Art of Advertising

New Tendencies in the Art of Advertising

New Tendencies in the Art of Advertising

How to sell things has become a science more than an art in the last few decades. Crowds of people of different professions work hard to find the way to be ”different”. They use all their creativity to be appearing.

New tendencies in advertising seem to be based on the idea “the first impact should be long-lasting and conservative”. The more shocking an advert is the easier it remains in one’s mind.

Ideas in advertising often rise depending on the kind of customers you are referring to and based on a complex market analysis.

Some tips for a trendy advertisement :

– Be short! Be creative!;
– try to have strong visual impact;
– put yourself in the customers shoes;
– use “scientific” messages (e.g : use “scientific acne treatment”
instead of “acne problems”);
– use statistics;
– express freely your own personality, beliefs, philosophy and values;
– be funny, even humorous.

One of the new tendencies in advertising is to avoid focusing on a small percent of people. If you are selling an acne treatment product you should not design your advert for the adolescent target group.

If you are advertising a junior product you have to think about how to
convince parents, grandparents and the children themselves to make sure
that a connection rises in their minds so that they will buy your product.

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