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MSN Outshines Yahoo and Google on Recent Content

MSN Outshines Yahoo and Google on Recent Content

MSN Outshines Yahoo and Google on Recent Content

MSN search may be a little more spammy than Yahoo and Google search, but it does have one thing going for it that Yahoo and Google can’t touch: recent relevant content. One thing I need to make clear is that I am not talking about news. Yahoo and Google clearly do an excellent job with news. I’m just talking about regular ol’ website content.
Google’s algorithm is so preoccupied with killing spam it doesn’t handle new web content well. New websites can be held out of Google’s search rankings for months. In fact, it is common for a new site to be held out of Google’s rankings for at least 4-6 months before being let in. This delay on Google’s part is commonly referred to as the “sandbox” by the SEO community. In my opinion, this delay is a serious deficiancy on Google’s part.
Yahoo does not have a significant delay like Google, but it is still slow with indexing content – well maybe not indexing, but getting that content to show in the search results. Yahoo, however, does an excellent job with blogs and displays very recent blogs in its results.
Yes, Google and Yahoo provide less spammy results, but for the most recent content on the web MSN beats out Google and Yahoo hands down. And until Google and Yahoo can more seriously address this issue, most webmasters will be using MSN search for their up-to-date searches.

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