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Mortgage Marketing with a Personal Blog

Mortgage Marketing with a Personal Blog

Mortgage Marketing with a Personal Blog

If you are a loan officer or a mortgage broker and you are looking for a new and innovative way to market yourself and your products, you may want to consider using a personal blog.

You do not have to be a wizard with a computer, or have a background in rocket science to start up a blog.

The internet is loaded with blogging sites that allow you to set up a blogging site, literally within five minutes.

These sites are completely free and allow for you to pick your own web address and template. All you have to do is supply the postings, and allow for others to post their thoughts as well.

They will also allow for you to download a picture of yourself which is perfect for allowing your customers to identify with you, by putting a face with your name.

You can also add your blog address to your signature when you e-mail people. They can click on it and get a feel for you, and the benefits your products and services can offer them.

Don’t forget about adding your blog site to your business cards on your next order.

The next time you are talking to someone, wether it is in person or on the phone, you can end the conversation by inviting them to visit your blog.

Blogging is a great way to market yourself and the benefits of your products. So make sure your blog is filled with interesting and beneficial topics for your customer.

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