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Make life easier with the help of a personal assistant

Make life easier with the help of a personal assistant

Make life easier with the help of a personal assistant

Before, a personal assistant or “Girl Friday”/”Man Friday” is only common to the people in the business world especially to business people who have high positions in a certain company. For instance, a personal assistant is hired by a prominent businessman or businesswoman to assist him or her in everything that he or she needs to do.

These things not only refer to those that are covered in the workplace such scheduling for meetings, accepting or declining phone calls, mail matters such as daily monitoring of mails—either snail mails, emails, or other correspondence, documentation reviews, research works, booking and reservations for meetings locally and internationally and so much more.

But now, the term “personal assistant” is not only applicable to the people in the business or corporate world but in other fields such as in healthcare, communications, and the like. Surveys show that more and more personal assistants are being hired to assist older people or people that have certain medical conditions and restrictions. These personal assistants are also being called “personal aide” because they specifically assist in maintaining stable medical condition.

In the field of communications, personal assistants also take the job of the secretary for doing exactly the latter’s job. In this field, personal assistants are more popularly called “PA,” its abbreviation. Since they are in a more complicated industry, they have more responsibilities, duties, and tasks.

Today, the responsibilities of a personal assistant doe not only involve work in the office setting job but also include some menial tasks asked by their employers. These tasks even include ordering and delivering food, laundromat services, dealing with stylists and photographers for photo shoot and other matters that their bosses can no longer take care of.

And since the responsibilities are heavier, more and more qualifications are being required for the applicants for this position. They must be able to represent their employer in more important roles such as meetings, company and business negotiations, briefing of people who will face the boss and the like.

Why is there a need to hire a personal assistant?

Hiring a personal assistant is common to people who have high profiles in the society such as politicians, celebrities, entertainment moguls, professional athletes, and business executives. This is because these people have a handful to do and needs a helping hand in all the things that they need to do. They also need personal assistants so they can accomplish more things in a shortest possible time. Since “time is gold’ for these people, they would rather pay someone to do menial jobs instead of them doing those things on their own.

They also need personal assistants so they can concentrate more on the bigger things that they need to do instead of worrying over simple things that can be done by other people with their specific instructions.

But now, with the times changing, even people who don’t belong to the sector of high profile individuals need personal assistants to make their life easier. In fact, over the years, personal assistance for the middle class has an increasing demand because more and more families need it. Personal assistants in middle class families usually serve as nannies who take care of the children or the family’s personal secretary who takes care of all the documentation needed for the internal affairs.

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