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Low Gasoline Prices- Saving Money During The Holidays

Low Gasoline Prices- Saving Money During The Holidays

Low Gasoline Prices- Saving Money During The Holidays

In a poorly performing economy, many people today are getting depressed especially when the holidays are so near. However, as people drive home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, people eventually give thanks and smile to a very unlikely spot. This unlikely spot is where people usually get depressed especially these past few months. This spot is the gas station.

Today, the low gasoline prices are just what the people need in order to brighten up their day. In fact, the gasoline prices today are reaching an all time low and are still continuing to go much lower. Just compare the price of gasoline today to what it was in July this year. From more than 4 dollars per gallon to less than 2 dollars today, you will see that the price dropped an average of 18 cents a week. For gasoline, that’s quite a lot.

This unusually low gasoline price leaves a smile on every face. In fact, in the West coast, the average price of gasoline is now at 2.12 dollars per gallon. That’s down 24 cents in just a week. In the Midwest, gasoline is now priced at an average of 1.75 dollars per gallon. The East coast is also experiencing low gasoline price with an average of 1.95 dollars per gallon.

This means that the gasoline prices are at an all time low since January 2005. And, with today’s poorly performing economy, many people agree that it’s about time.

Many people consider this as a blessing and even an early Christmas gift. With people today struggling to buy groceries and take care of kids, the low gasoline prices certainly can put a smile on everyone’s face.

Just try to imagine how much lower the price of gasoline is today. If you do a road trip from Dallas to St. Louis, you will spend about an estimate 94 dollars on gasoline. If you made the same drive in July this year, it would have cost you around 200 dollars.

So, why is the price of gasoline continuing to get lower?

Many experts agree that this has something to do with the decreased consumer demand. Because of the gasoline prices last July topping at 4 dollars a gallon, a lot of people and families learned to save money on gasoline. And, because of the savings they saw, they tend to make it a habit and continue on practicing it. They just noticed that doing so made them notice that they had a little more extra in their bank accounts and they sure can’t get enough of it.

Even on Thanksgiving this year, people traveling by road and by private vehicles are down by almost 2 percent. This is very unusual as most people tend to travel by road and by private vehicles during Thanksgiving.

Another reason is the surplus of oil supplies. Oil companies expected Asia to consume more oil but because of the world financial crisis, Asia growth reached a premature halt and so did the oil consumption.

Anyway, because of the decreased demand for gasoline, you can still expect the price to go down by the end of the year. So, try to enjoy it as much as you can as low gasoline prices will not last especially when the oil supplies go down. You can be sure that you will be able to save a lot of money on gasoline during the holidays.

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