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Laser Printers Play Detective

Laser Printers Play Detective

Laser Printers Play Detective

Technology has yet to reach its full potential and still, there is a promising future in fighting against crimes with the use of printers alone. With the unlimited possibility of the capabilities of every technology available on earth, laser printers are not logging behind. The future promises that laser printers can fight crimes. And it is a big possibility with the on going research in Purdue University.
This is a very big development on the laser printing industry in relation to a more precise method of tracking every document printers produce. It is not surprising that with the speed by which printers are improving, you can imagine that in the future, you will be able to print a driver’s license at home. Although it immensely reduces the time you spend in line waiting for your license at the DMV, one might start questioning the validity of such documents. How would the research resolve this?
With on going research, I am still impressed to know that every printing technology has the capacity to give identification. Although it may not be obvious, as was said, laser printers leave specific markings on each document they print. This is what they call the bonding process. The article also states that Purdue’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has pioneered a tracking system that uses banding to trace a document back to the printer from which it originated.
I look forward to this development and acclaim the people behind the research who will make this possible. I am also dreaming of having a faster acquisition of my documents but still I would not want to compromise my safety in exchange of it.

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