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Jobless India at 2081 AD???

Jobless India at 2081 AD???

Jobless India at 2081 AD???

As population of any state increase so as more and more manpower is available for that particular state or country. But in India this simple rule is going against.

In this ancient land of world according to 1991 census the population of this land was approx.82crores. The main work force among population was 34.118%.

This simply means that one Indian was working for three others non-active persons. In contrast to this statistics as per census of 2001 total population of India was 1027015247.out of this only 30.49% were main workers.

In last 10 years 1991-2001, percentage of main workers among total population has come down from 34.18% to 30.18%. The clear cut 3.69% decline is number of workers.

The major reasons to this shortcoming in now availability of jobs. We have chosen the specific time period (i.e. 1991-2001) as new economical reforms or liberalization of economy was started in year 1991 by then finance minister Dr.Man Mohan Singh to 2001, in times of BJP disinvestments period (feel good era).

What these so called reforms & others new economical policies did effect on jobs availability in this peninsular country. The open eye investigation by ABC news team revealed the eye opening facts about it.

As per 1991 census only 34.18% of total populations were main workers among males, 51% of them were main workers. As in female side only 16.03% of total female populations were in working battery of nation.

The above statistics showed considerably down trend in 2001 census where total percentage of worker among population come down sharply from 51% to 45.27% means 5.73% decline. In this contrast woman jobs are also decreased but slightly from 16.03% to 14.66% means decrease of 1.66%.

The reasons behind these are new industrial environment in India’s and huge increment of population.

The population of county is increasing at the rate of 20.18% per decades compare to this the job opportunities in this part of world are decreasing at the rate of 3.69% per ten years. This clearly indicates that any increase in India’s populations directly proportional to the percentage of jobs left of future generations.

The new economic order in country has added fuel in this problem since 1947 India had taken path of socialism under congress govt. center. All economical decisions were taken keeping the idea of socialism. But the year 1991 was path-breaking year in which this social state started to move towards capitalist order. The economy was so called liberalized (liberalized) the political circle started favoring the management’s. The labour rights started marginalized since then to today this trend has reached at no back point. This has become immaterial which party/ a person in power has to comply with these capitalized orders.

If this down trend continues for next 22 year that is very apparent. India or Bharat will be totally jobless in 2081 AD

In this male dominated society one fact is very hard hitting that male jobs are decreasing at rate of 5.73% per decade where as female jobs are reducing at the rate of 1.66% per decade. This statistics become more crucial after knowing the social fabric of India where males are main bread earners and females play role of bread prepares. If male of society is not able to bring bread for his family the role of female in this social fabric will be further marginalized this will create lawlessness and complete anarchy in the society.

In India there are very few families, which are solely dependent on female bread earners. Mostly women work where their husbands are also in jobs. Thus they are helping their husbands in bread earning and preparing.

The precise and timely planning are options left. The hopes are demising. The sun is far away. Only right man at right place can prevent the situation to happen otherwise jobless India is waiting at 2081 AD.

Dinesh singh Rawat
special correspondnet

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