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Is The End Nigh?

Is The End Nigh?

Is The End Nigh?

Global warming and extreme weather events, the world
economy in crisis, seemingly unending wars and the
threat of nuclear weapons, it really does seem as if
we are living in the end days!

Yet I have great faith in the planets natural ability
to heal itself. The worst nuclear event in history
Chernobyl caused all life in the exclusion zone animal
and plant to die but since then and due to the areas
abandonment by humans wildlife has flourished.

In the past 20 or so year since the disaster animals
such as bear and lynx virtually extinct in much of
Europe and not present before the disaster were able
to move in and make themselves at home even thriving
in the most radioactive areas.

Many bird species nest successfully in the hastily
erected and now crumbling protective ‘sarcophagus’ and
even fungi grows on the reactor walls.

Life has survived vast changes in the climate from the
vast desert of the ancient super continent Pangea to
the coldest ice age and will undoubtedly continue to
do so.

No matter how out of control the current situation
gets life will survive in some form or another. It
just remains to be seen whether we are clever enough
and can act fast enough to either stop the situation
escalating further or if not adaptable enough to
survive to the new conditions we find ourselves facing
in the near future.

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