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Intuition – Your Inner Guide

Intuition – Your Inner Guide

Intuition – Your Inner Guide

Have you ever thought about someone out of the blue…and then they called you. Have you ever made a decision that everyone else thought was crazy, but you knew was right for you..and it worked out perfectly? Have you ever followed your gut instinct on something and was proved gloriously RIGHT! If any of these have happened to you, you have experienced the power of intuition. Most of us at some stage wish we could have an inner guide that would tell us the right thing to do. The good news is that we do have an inner guide, the bad news is that the message can be fuzzy!
Benefits of being guided by intuition
So what are the benefits of following your intuition as opposed to listening to the promptings of parents, partners and others? First of all, this begins to give you confidence in your own judgment. It helps you judge whether this person or opportunity is the right one for you…even if it may not seem so on paper. Secondly I have never met anyone who regretted following their intuition. Yes it may have meant making a difficult decision but it WAS the right ultimate decision for them. Many great business deals have been gone through on a hunch…or intuition?
Developing your intuition
1. Recognition: I have relied on intuition for making most of my major decisions but I still have difficulty sometimes distinguishing between it and just a passing thought, so here are some guidelines I use?
a. Feeling: What’s the feeling around it? If it’s gentle that’s usually a sign of intuition. Something that is fear-based and urgent is not intuition.
b. Persistent: You find that you keep having the same thought about something, check it out.
c. Messages: You find that the issue crops up again in all sorts of ways..it gets mentioned on the news, you hear it in passing conversation.
2. Trust. So after you have got these messages and confirmation, if you wish to use this, you actually need to do something about it. You must learn to trust this feeling. Follow promptings and see where they lead you…
3. Openness: Be open to where intuition can lead you. One thing I can promise you..is that you will be surprised and delighted by where it leads you..
4. Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything. This is one thing I have noticed about being guided by intuition. Sometimes hunches and gut instincts don’t actually seem to mean anything…but we don’t know that until afterwards…so accept that you may have the odd intuitive red herring!
So this week begin paying attention to your hunches. Call that friend, read that book, make that call…and who knows what delightful things could come to your door..

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