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Instant approval of personal loans – whether justified or not

Instant approval of personal loans – whether justified or not

Instant approval of personal loans – whether justified or not

After rate of interest, if there is any thing that most people desire for in a personal loan, then it is instant approval. Instant approval of personal loans has different connotations for different people. While for some people, instant approval signifies approval within a day of application; for others, instant approval of personal loans indicates approval within the time promised. This article deals solely with the latter connotation of instant approvals.

At the time of application, many lenders would promise a time frame within which the loan will be approved. Nevertheless, the number of lenders who stick to this time frame is very less.

Approval is a multi-step process, and depending on the time that the lender takes to accomplish each step, the process will be timed. A majority of the steps are justified and are there in order to reveal the credibility of the borrower. Since a large amount of money is involved, personal loans cannot be given without conducting proper verifications and checks. The principal verifications that needs to be performed in a personal loans are as follows:

• Income verification is conducted by demanding the past two W-2 forms. In addition, the last 30 days pay stubs are to be presented to the lender. Self-employed people are required to present the last two years federal tax returns and the profit and loss statement for the last year.
• Assets are verified through two months statements.
• The borrower will also have to give a declaration that he does not owe anything and that all financial obligations have been made on time.

In the absence of such verifications or when the loan provider intentionally omits any of these vital processes, the lender is exposing itself to a greater degree of risk. The lender has a rightful demand thus to charge a higher rate of interest. This is what happens in bridging loans where loan is granted in a very short notice period. These carry a very high rate of interest.

Consequently, personal loan lenders must be allowed a minimal time within which they complete the necessary processes. A proper management of time on the part of the loan provider can save a lot of time involved in approval. The approval time differs with lenders. It also differs with the customs prevailing in a region or place, and with the financial product opted for.

The basic personal loan approval process constitutes the following steps:

• The individual selects the loan that will suit his purpose. There are a number of variations in personal loans and choosing one out of them will be a heady task. Though personal loans can be put equally well to all tasks, it will be better to discuss with experts if there are better financial products available.

• The borrower is sent an application form to be filled with the details of the borrower. Being brief but clear is generally preferred. Easy approval is facilitated if the application form gives unambiguous information. Unnecessary duplication of work is prevented and the offers searched for the borrower easily match the borrowers’ specifications.

• Application process is now completed online. The form duly filled in is submitted by clicking on the submit button on the website of the loan provider. On receiving the application, the lender gives an in-principle decision on the suitability of the candidate for a personal loan. This is just a preliminary approval and decision still needs to be made whether or not the borrower will actually get the personal loan. The in-principle decision is made within 24-48 hours of the application.

• Verifications and checks mentioned above are conducted after an in-principle decision. Property and asset valuation is needed when the personal loan is secured on property or certain assets.

• Once the reports of the verification are received in the affirmative, the personal loan must be deemed to be approved. A formal approval confirmation call is made to the borrower. Along with the solicitors, loan documents are prepared. This is then sent to the borrower to be filled in. The filled in loan documents are sent to the solicitors. This final step leads to settlement and final sanction of the personal loan.

There must be willingness on the part of the borrower to accelerate the process of approval. Many of the processes can be performed more than one at a time. There are another sets of processes that have become superfluous because of the changed circumstances. The lender must identify such processes that can be removed with relative ease. A part of the responsibility for instant approval of personal loan lies with the borrower. By being clear in what they need from the personal loan, and keeping a sufficient time gap between application and approval, they can lessen the perturbations that occur when loan is not approved in time.

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