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Infrared Alarm System (2)

Infrared Alarm System (2)

Infrared Alarm System

Summary: Infrared alarm systems aren’t breaking news. But, is it worth to pay for the technology on alarm systems?

When you say infrared it always corresponds to high-tech equipment that a Star Trek fan will be able to discern. Now, as technology makes a huge step further, so does common household equipment. Infrared technology in alarm systems is not breaking news. But, is it worth to pay for this technology on alarm systems? An inside look towards infrared alarms systems are needed.

Passive Infrared Alarm System
This infrared alarm system activated when PIR detects movement. This gadget is very compact and portable in design, very ideal for apartments, small offices, home offices, shops, garages. Since it is small, it can avoid detection. Since it is compact and wire free, it can be set up in minutes. But don’t be fooled with the size, it emits loud siren when the alarm is triggered. Can be freestanding or mounted on wall. And the infrared key fob remote control makes it controllable in distance. The Infrared alarm system comes with Entry/exit delay and low battery LED indicators. For the price of just £14.99, it is absolutely worthy of your buck.

GET Black & White Digital Wireless CCTV
This LED CCTV is easy to install and can be connected to a standard TV in minutes. The Infrared LED is optimal for night time vision. With one way audio from camera location, this CCTV is perfectly suitable to watch and monitor high risk areas. The CCTV is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For only £79.99 on a monitoring device, it is a bargain. Of course, you need to supply the recording materials and the TV.

The Passive Infrared Alarm System and the GET Black & White Digital Wireless CCTV are available at www.argos.co.uk

Linear Supervised Passive Infrared Alarm System DXS-54
With a measured range of 1,500 feet open air the DXS-54 infrared alarm system can be assured to cover even the most spacious living rooms. The detection pattern is 30ft x 30ft.
The installed lens uses Fresnel with 24 facets, 9 main, 8 intermediate, 5 short, 2 creep. PIR sensitivity is non-adjustable; pulse count of 3 with 8-second detection window. Compatible Models: DUAL-824 Supervised Wireless/Hardwire Security Panel, DXSR-1504 Supervised 4-Channel Receiver, DXSR-1508 Supervised 8-Channel Receiver, PERS-2400A Personal Emergency Reporting. The price is $78.50. Though a bit more expensive, it boasts considerable power in detection.

Linear Supervised Passive Infrared Alarm System DXS-54 is available at Amazon. Infrared alarm systems have been a mainstay in the alarm system mainstream for years. Whether the infrared product is commendable largely depends on the consumer. So always check on customer reviews, often such reviews are unbiased opinions to the products they purchased.

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