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Indian ways for the Redemptive Self

Indian ways for the Redemptive Self

Indian ways for the Redemptive Self

As life of every individual has become full of jealousy and hatred, there are various negative feelings that have cropped up in the minds and souls of human beings. These evil feelings include treachery, maliciousness, selfish approach, hatred and pessimistic outlook. Therefore, people are moving towards self-healing ways that would help them in the redemptive self-process.

India is one of the most successful countries that have achieved the status of providing natural methods for self-redemption and a large number of people have tried these methods and benefited a lot. Although there are various therapies to heal the inner self of an individual, the most successful and beneficial are Ayurveda, meditation, aromatherapy and yoga.

Ayurveda is also popularly known as the ‘Indian Tradition Medicine’ as it is one of the oldest methods of shedding off evil thoughts and helping in the self-healing process. It is estimated to be around three or four thousand years old treatment and it has its roots deep inside the Vedic traditions. Yoga is directly; or indirectly based on the principles of Ayurveda, as the latter is a medical science. It consists of various streams like pathology, anatomy, treatment plans, physiology and other diagnostic systems. Even the World Health Organization has recognized Ayurveda as a very effective and harmful traditional treatment.

The process that is involved in Ayurveda treats the illness with natural methods so as to ensure longer and healthy life. This treatment is widely used as an important instrument for the purpose of self-healing. Ayurveda helps in providing easy theories and principles that explains the patient the process of the working of the body and how an illness can be cured without any side effects. The healing process involves the usage of some herbs, oils, massage and other therapies so that the optimum health is maintained.

The term ‘yoga’ is used to describe the form of connection of the self with the divine self and this word literally means ‘union’. This practice helps a lot in gaining strength and that in turn helps in the self-healing process. By adopting the ways of yoga, awareness of the self is achieved and that helps in the attainment of success as when one comes to know about one’s strengths and weaknesses, he or she can easily work upon the weak areas and throw out the vices and evil thoughts from one’s mind and soul.

Self-awareness is also achieved through yoga practices. When we become aware, we are able to feel more linked with our inner self and to our life. In this way, we are in a condition to discover our evils and then work upon those evil areas so that the development of the self becomes easily possible. This practice is a science that deals with the techniques, which help us in creating connection with our inner voice of soul and mind, and when this connection is made, it brings joy and you are able to experience a fulfilling state. Once an individual is able to connect with his or her inner self, a balance of health and strength is achieved which in turn leads to self-realization and self-mastery.

There are various postures that are involved in the practice of yoga like breathing postures and exercises, controlling of delicate forces, meditating and cleansing the mind and body of evil and wrong thoughts. Although the yoga practice is a very beneficial one, it is necessary to remember that yoga proves to be fruitful when it is accompanied by awareness, as awareness is the key that contributes in discovering the hidden secrets or mysteries of our inner self.

Thus, by adopting Indian ways, which are natural, redemption of the self can be fully achieved.

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