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Hunting (2)

Hunting (2)


Summary: Hunting is the top of the technology tree in man’s evolution. It is the catalyst of the modernization of man.

Hunting is beyond doubt the oldest form of food source. And hunting is the only one at the top of the technology tree of the evolution of man. It is the catalyst of the modernization of man. Read on why.

Even before the wheel, even before man mastered the use of plough he discovered how to hunt with a spear. And through the spear, he also fashioned materials that aid him with other task. Of the spear, soon the art of warfare developed. He then understood that the spear can inflict harm to others, while others can do the same to him. The need for mutual group protection was sought and the early tribes were formed.

Tribes paved way for communal knowledge as skills, ideas, and inventions were pooled. Now tribes have distinct characteristics over each other. Culture began to take shape. Principles and beliefs began its inception. Since no recording material were present, cave walls are exploited. This enabled recorded lore. Stories are now depicted as drawings and the old became living libraries for each of tribal lore.

Because of congregated effort, hunting now became easier. Hunters now share spoils with clansmen and families. Invented ultimately, the first wheel was fashioned out of stone. Still, hunting is a prevalent method for sustenance, but on a higher level. Now, only men specialized in hunting commit to hunting while others do other task. This led to proficiency in other areas. Weaving, childrearing, and sage all these skills developed while hunting took its toll out the caves.

Since hunting is now a profession, skills of hunters now became established. Further increasing the efficiency hunter devised the bow and arrow, javelins or other missile that can be thrown.

Now hunters have more meat than usual, which led to excess food. Storage became an innovation, and first signs of clay pots emerged in caves and barrows. So no longer did hunters need to go on regular hunting which further developed the social and cultural aspects of the tribes.

On some climates, hunting declines when games are scarce and this led to animal captivity in times of plenty. Cages and leashes are made and animals are now reared rather than hunted. Animal husbandry was discovered. Now, tribal peoples seldom leave the establishments, and when they do, they go hunting.

This developed the tribes further and what was once a nomadic settlement became a full fledge hamlets complete with a potter, weaver, sage and families of hunting men who serves as the protectors. Hamlets expand into villages, which in turn expand into cities.

The seed of technology is hunting. Suffice to say, the moment the first man fashioned the first weapon by sharpening a pole; it propelled the thinking of man into areas that dwarf imagination. The first technology is a weapon and the first discovery is the art of hunting.

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