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How to Protect Your Smartphone?

How to Protect Your Smartphone?
How to Protect Your Smartphone 13123

How to Protect Your Smartphone? You have just acquired a latest generation smartphone which is a true compendium of technologies. They are certainly very efficient, but the device is quite fragile and to guarantee its longevity, it is necessary to protect it from shocks, scratches or even the breakage of its touch screen. Smartphones are no longer just phones, they also function as a powerful camera, music player and also an important source of various storages. They are expensive, accompany you on a daily basis and therefore deserve your full attention. To protect your new smartphone from drops and other hazards, there are several very effective protections available.

How to Protect Your Smartphone?

Tempered glass and protective film to protect your smartphone

To protect the screen of a smartphone, there is the tempered glass or the protective film. If you want to get one, you can go to the online site Lapinette.com which offers this type of item and many others such as cases, covers or even protective shells. As the screen of a smartphone is tactile, it is often used. It is therefore very important to protect it from scratches or even cracks in the event of an impact. To best absorb an impact following a shock, it is better to choose a tempered glass screen protector.

This thin glass protection, only 0.26 mm or 0.33 mm thick, allows you to maintain the same tactile sensations for a great comfort of use. Protective films are more suitable for protecting screens from scratches. There are still curved screens and this type of telephone device, there is also a range of specific protections. Tempered glass follows the contours of the screen area to protect it in its entirety. Be careful to order the protective film or tempered glass corresponding to your model to best preserve your smartphone.

The smartphone case

The smartphone case allows your device to be preserved in the event of a drop or shock, but it is also aesthetic, as many models are offered in various transparent versions, colors, and even with patterns. Among these cases, there is also the soft gel shell perfectly matching the shapes of your mobile phone. The edges are reinforced to protect it in the event of a fall or impact. The rigid shell shock is reinforced protections composed of two materials such as silicone and rigid plastic. They are more reliable than soft shells during more violent shocks. The full 360 ° cases completely envelop the smartphone and protect it in its entirety. These shells are doubly protective on the front and back of the device.

On specialized sites, you will find various models, from the most classic to the most fanciful, sometimes with some exclusive models. Eiffel Tower smartphone case, cat motif, dancer, sailor motif, Dragon Ball Z case… there is something for all tastes and desires.

The case to protect your phone

To best protect your smartphone, you can opt for a case. This accessory provides all-round protection for the device and even allows you to store banknotes and bank or credit cards inside, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. It is at the same time practical, protective and aesthetic. When the case can also serve as a wallet, it consists of slots for cards and bills, but also a gel shell to house and hold it firmly. It also allows to keep the smartphone in a horizontal positionto read, for example or watch videos. The closure is magnetic for added security. It is found in very sober versions such as black leather or in all colors as well or with many patterns. If you add to this case (which is not mandatory) a film or a tempered glass, you are then guaranteed to allow your device to benefit from a greater longevity in the face of shocks and drops.

The smartphone protective cover

The protective smartphone case remains a good protection for your smartphone, but it can be a little less solid than a classic case. If you opt for this accessory, consider purchasing a film or tempered glass to ensure even more safety against drops and shocks that your phone could suffer. In addition, this type of cover is very aesthetic, and we find some with a very good quality of finish. The stitching and various edging sometimes present can make it even more attractive than the cases.

Protection smartphone

A few tips in summarizing for choosing the most suitable protection for your smartphone

If you often drop your smartphone, you can opt for the appropriate case for your phone model supplemented with tempered glass. It is the best of current protections. If you are rather careful, you can still opt for a case alone or a protective cover. If you choose a double shell, you may not necessarily need tempered glass, but in any case, a film is advisable to prevent scratches when you use it. If you put a simple silicone shell on your smartphone, whether flexible or rigid, we strongly recommend that you add a tempered glass to protect the screen even if you are careful. Be aware that some protective films are not compatible with the fingerprint reader, but can be used if you use facial recognition or the unlock code. Other coatings protect the phone against liquids. Each has its specificity. Do not hesitate to read all the explanations given with each model before ordering it.

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