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How To Identify A Good Golf School

How To Identify A Good Golf School

How To Identify A Good Golf School

A successful golf career requires a good education, plenty of proven experience, or both. In this respect, the golf industry is just like any other industry. Choosing a good golf school might not seem as easy as it is to identify a good four-year college, because there are fewer word-of-mouth reviews about them. Here are some tips for taking control and making sure you choose the school that will give you the best education you can get.

Ask employers in the golf industry. Large golf establishments, such as facilities and resorts, know which schools produce the best graduates. If you don’t yet have a golf school in mind, ask a few employers in your area which schools they prefer seeing on applicants’ resumes. If you are considering a few different golf schools already, ask employers which school they would prefer to see on your resume.

Ask about the school’s curriculum. Different golf schools tend to offer different courses in their degree programs. Compare the programs from different schools. It is important that you receive as well rounded an education in the golf industry as possible, so choose the school that covers the most ground with its curriculum.

Ask what standards the school uses in employing its instructors. A golf school that employs anyone who can wield a golf club probably won’t be able to offer you a high quality education. On the other hand, a golf school that only hires educated, experienced instructors most likely has what it takes to help you launch your career.

Ask how the school helps its students gain work experience prior to graduation. A good golf school should have some sort of internship program, or at least be able to help its students find part-time work in the field while they are in school. Having on-the-job training to go with your degree will help you find a job more quickly and easily after graduation. With the proper work experience, you might even be able to get a better job than you would otherwise.

Ask about the school’s classroom equipment and training technology. This is a good question to ask during a tour of the campus. A good golf school will be proud to show you its state-of-the-art facilities. Learning on the newest and best equipment and technology ensures that you will be up-to-date when you enter the work force.

Ask what kinds of student services and amenities the school offers. Student amenities can range from health insurance and student housing, to internship programs and job placement assistance, so make sure you know what you need before asking this question. However, the best golf schools will have the resources to offer students a variety of services.

Ask if the school offers job placement assistance. Entering the work force after graduation can be one of the most difficult parts of launching a new career. Along with the normal anxieties and insecurities involved in searching for a job, there is the unfamiliarity with the field that new graduates often have. A decent golf school will offer resume writing help, but a really good school will also provide listings of job openings and maintain relationships with local businesses.

Asking these questions will help you eliminate golf schools that are less favorable, and hopefully enable you to launch a successful career. An education is the most important step on the path to success, so be sure to choose wisely.

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