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How to Find People

How to Find People
How to Find People 18848

How to Find People

You’re trying to send someone email. Problem is you don’t have an email address to send it to. That happens sometimes.

Well, we have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news first. There is no single registry online that features all email addresses, whether working or not, whether old or new.

It’s unfortunate, but there is currently no way for someone to collect all email addresses of all people from every part of the world. Not to mention, people usually keep one or two email addresses and don’t usually give them out to just anyone. So how do you find out how to find people if there isn’t one registry that keeps listings of email addresses?

That’s where the good news comes in. While there might not be a single place to look for all email addresses, there are, however, many resources that provide you with partial listings. Some of these resources are actually very comprehensive that the chance of not finding who you are looking for is pretty slim.

Among such resources for how to find people are listed here:

Online Phone Directories

This is increasingly one of the primary resources used when trying to figure out how to find people. Some of the biggest online places for searching people are actually little more than phone directories. What’s makes online phone directories for how to find people is that they do not only contain a person’s phone number. Each entry may also include additional listings, such as a person’s email address, residence, office, fax, and any other pertinent contact information.

Of course, not all entries will contain email addresses. And not all people are listed in one single phone directory. But you’re safe with large phone directories such as Switchboard.com or Addresses.com, both of which maintain large databases of names, phone numbers and email addresses. You can even search their website by state or zip code. The search is made simpler that way.

College or Company Websites

These are especially good places to look if you know the person’s name and where he goes to school or work. Many college/university websites keep their own databases of undergraduate and graduate students contact information. Business organizations, especially large corporations, also maintain databases of employee contacts. You can try logging on to the website to find out how to find people.

If you do not know how to access the database, check the FAQs. That’s usually the place where they explain to you their contact policies and give you instructions on how to access their database of contact information.

And last but not the least, a lot of people often overlook this when they are trying to figure out how to find people. But if you know the person, you can always contact him or her directly and ask him or her for an email address.

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