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How to Define a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand?

How to Define a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand?
How to Define a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand 13244

How to Define a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand? Today all the brands communicate on social networks; it is not only a necessary step but in addition a super efficient medium with budgets dedicated by advertisers. However, to invest in social platforms in the most efficient and profitable way possible, the strategy to be put in place must be defined upstream. Focus.

1 Divide networks by objectives

Not all platforms will serve the purposes. So you have to define what you want to say by the network, and what stake you will define. These issues will be correlated with KPIs (key performance indicators, the key indicators that you will track) well defined, clear and specific to each platform. So, get help from your agency to get to know the specificities of the platforms and the issues they serve. Here are a few examples:

It is only by knowing the networks that you will be able to determine which ones to invest and how. Indeed, no need to invest eg Twitter to serve a very ROI ste objective; it would be counterproductive.

2 don’t scatter

The flaw that we often observe with advertisers is the desire to be everywhere, on all platforms. However, this is very often counterproductive. First, we do not always have all of the issues at the same time. It is sometimes better to concentrate on one objective (the brand image for example) before tackling another (the drive-to in a second step).

Then, it is better to concentrate your budget on one, or even two platforms, that you invest well, with better production of qualitative content, good regularity and better monitoring, than to invest many networks in a lukewarm way. If in a second, the budgets to be allocated to social media grow, it will always be time to consider other platforms!

But again, doing less but better is often the best solution.

3 Remember to network

The best-known and most widespread networks are the most invested: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Snapchat and Linkedin.

But we often forget other platforms, less known, less widespread, which nevertheless have sometimes very engaged communities, very relevant to your brand. Think for example of Reddit, TikTok. The same goes for gaming platforms, which are becoming more and more important today.

These networks, little invested by brands, nevertheless offer immense possibilities and will also allow your brand to be positioned as innovative and risk-taker: it is always better to be a pioneer than a follower!

4 clearly determine your differentiators

We see too many brands today who, on Instagram for example, do the same thing as the others. It is therefore difficult to differentiate yourself and make the Internet user stop on our publication rather than that of another brand! So take time upstream to properly define your brand platform, your purpose, your elements of differentiation, your editorial line. Choose a speaking angle: do you want to be in constant conversation with your community? Would you rather be in the promotion of content? Do you want to express yourself through highlights or as a common thread?

All these decisions are important to make to avoid too sudden changes of direction during the year, which would harm your brand image and would be perceptible by Internet users. Finally, keep in mind that, even if you will have content adapted to each platform, the unity of your brand must be felt: whether they go from Facebook to Instagram, the Internet user must understand that it is the same brand that is. Speaks, with the same overall editorial line and the same speech.

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