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How to Conduct a Survey on Facebook?

How to Conduct a Survey on Facebook?
How to Conduct a Survey on Facebook 13290

It has become quite common to see professionals and individuals collect the opinions of different people on a subject through social networks like Facebook. With the rise in the use of digital, even pollsters are open to this method which is fast, efficient and free. Several ways exist for this.

From your personal or professional profile
This first option is the easiest way to do a survey on Facebook. You can do this on your personal, professional or group page. This first method still offers restricted functionalities. You are mainly entitled to two choices for carrying out your survey. To get more options, you will need to do your survey in a Facebook discussion group.

Click on the three dots at the bottom of the page to the right of your profile. Otherwise, you can also go to the level of the field intended for a new publication. A menu will then be deployed with several options, including the one for the survey. You will then have the choice of adding 2 options to your survey. To get more options, it is necessary to conduct the survey in a group.

From a survey platform
To obtain the point of view of Internet users on a subject, it is possible to carry out a survey with the help of a survey platform. You have at your disposal, a web link collector or a Facebook collector. It will allow you to upload a survey according to the length of your choice.

Depending on your strategy, it is possible for you to get the opinions of the users in a very short time. There are several survey platforms, you are free to choose the one you like.

Using a Google Docs account
If you have a Google account, it is possible to use it to create a survey that will be published on your Facebook account. The process is free and easy to set up. To achieve this, you need to access your Google account. With the “Spreadsheet” tool, you have the equivalent of an Excel spreadsheet. It allows you to customize your questionnaire to your liking.

Subsequently, the dissemination of your survey will be done quickly and easily. You have the possibility to ask all the questions that seem necessary to you.

From the Messenger app
For the procedure, you have to go to the Facebook Messenger application. Then click on a group chat. For this, there is the + icon which is blue in color. It is located on the left of your smartphone screen.

You also have another icon dedicated to the survey, click on it. It is light brown in color. You will have the choice for the type of survey you want to set up. This includes choosing between the different possible answers for Internet users. Once the survey is complete, you can upload it. Internet users will be able to choose from their favorite answer

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