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How Should you Explain Video Conferencing

How Should you Explain Video Conferencing

How Should you Explain Video Conferencing

If you are one of those who are having a hard time how to explain video conferencing, you can start by studying the process on your own. You can research and get information by browsing the Internet, computer books, and Information Technology magazines.

Once you have done this, you can explain video conferencing easier. To make people understand what is this new technology and means of virtual communication, you must:

1. Explain the definition of video conferencing.

By definition, “video conferencing” refers to a relatively new means of communications technology that involves voice and video in connecting users that are the different places. Here, all the parties involved will be talking to each other face to face—as if they were all in the same room. People who will videoconference need a personal computer, a web cam, a microphone, and a broadband Internet connection to be able to make the virtual communication work.

Here, the participants or users can hear and see one another in real time, thus, allowing normal conversations like that those of voice communications technology—only both parties can see and hear what they people is saying or doing at the same time. A good bandwidth is required for video conferencing to work and it’s a must that the computer has high-fidelity streaming voice and video to be able to maximize its fullest potential.

2. Explain the need for video conferencing.

To be able encourage people to adapt and accept the new technology, it is a must to explain the need for video conferencing after explaining what it is and its technicalities. This will make the people—specifically the employees—realize the need for it. One of the foremost reasons that you can point out why you should use video conferencing is for practicality. Instead of going to meeting physically and travel to places, people can just use video conferencing to explain that needs explaining.

Although telephone calls or emailing would do, it is better to video conferencing because it adds more impact to the transaction or to the business at hand. For sales people, this is also beneficial since they can see the person involved when doing a business, video conferencing will open the doors to more opportunities and produce more results. And since your business set up needs a live conversation, the employees should understand that visual information is an integral factor of the entire conversation process.

3. Show how it works.

Although you have explained how it works when you explained what is video conferencing earlier. Some people might not get the hang of it right away. Aside from verbal explanation, it will be best to show them how it works and by re-explaining all the parts of the process. The first that you need to do is to explain is how people from different places can make conversation for a meeting or conference all at the same time.

So, what you can do is demonstrate it to them and show how it works. Set up a video conference with another person and invite at least five or ten people to witness it and participate in the conversation if possible. During the video conference, show how the visual and audio transmission of messages are done.

You can also show them how the process of sharing documents, displaying information in the computer or from the whiteboards.

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