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Hollywood Stars

Hollywood Stars

I would like someone to explain to me the obsession that Americans seem to have with Hollywood stars. There is something amazing to me about what goes on in the minds of some people. It’s a sad state of affairs when the news pages are filled with news about Hollywood stars and the real news seems to be an afterthought. Where are our priorities? Why are we so obsessed with the private lives of those we pay to entertain us? Are we so bored with our own lives that we must peek into the lives of others, or perhaps is it that we want to see the rich and privileged get knocked down a peg or two?

Though people have always been interested in the lives of Hollywood stars, it was never like it is now. There are photographers who make a living following these poor people around hoping to get a unique shot of them doing something they shouldn’t be doing. So many people seem to forget that Hollywood stars are just regular people with a really great job. Other than that, they are human and they deserve to be treated as such. You pay to see them in the movie, but you are not entitled to see them on a private vacation. Give them the same space you want others to give you.

Imagine this if you will. You are on a vacation after working hard all year. You are with your family, and you want nothing more than to spend some relaxing time together. Sounds heavenly right? Then imagine that there are men you don’t know camped out in the bushes outside of your room. Every single time you emerge from your room they start snapping pictures of you and your family. If you don’t come out, they will try to snap pictures through an open window. That doesn’t sound like much fun does it? This is what a lot of Hollywood stars have to put up with when they do anything. Yes, there is a price for fame, but I think we have lost our collective minds.

I guess when you see enough of a Hollywood star you start to feel like you know them. That’s a normal reaction. Even though you really don’t know them, they are a familiar presence. That might lead to curiosity about the Hollywood stars and their lives. However, there is a point where it goes to far. They do interviews and they make appearances and let you know what they want to share. Who are we to dig deeper? Though I don’t like some of the Hollywood stars that are shoved down my throat I still don’t think they deserve most of what they get. Let them be. They are really just people, I promise. There is nothing extra special there besides just being human.

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